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Cashing in Swagbucks

It's been awhile since I've written about swagbucks, but I'm still searching away and redeeming swagbucks on Amazon for things I need!  Recently, a friend asked me what she should do to cash in her swagbucks to make some real purchases.  Below is how I responded to her in my email.  I hope it's helpful to you as well.

Those of you who stopped searching with swagbucks, I encourage you to start up again.  Even if accumulating bucks comes slowly for you, it sure is an easy way to earn some extra money toward Christmas gifts or necessities.  For more information on how swagbucks work and how to sign up if you're ready to give them a try, go here.

How to Cash In Earned Swagbucks for Amazon E-Cards

Go to the swagbucks website and log in.  You'll see how many bucks you have in the top right hand corner.  Then, look along the top at the left side and put your cursor on the tab that says "Redeem".  "Swag store" and "swagstakes" will show up- click on "swag store".

Look down along the left hand side and click on "Gift and Rewards Cards".  If you hover over it with your cursor, you can choose the $ amount of the cards if you know what you can afford (how many bucks you have).  Look on the first page and find the amazon $5 cards for 450 swagbucks.  This card is the best way to get the most actual money for your swag bucks.  There are larger amount amazon cards, but they are more expensive swagbucks-wise to buy.  Another thing to note...  You can only buy two of one kind of card per day and only five of the same card in one month. 

Okay, to purchase that $5 Amazon card, click on it.  Then click "snag this".  Then you will need to confirm your information on the next screen.  Once you do this, they will send you an email to confirm that you want to buy the card.  It may take a few minutes for it to come to your inbox, but when it does, follow the instructions to verify that you ordered it (it involves clicking on a link that then tells you it was verified).

Now you have the card ordered.  It can take up to two weeks (depending on what time of the month you ordered it) for you to be able to use it.  You know it's ready to use because they will send you an email telling you it's ready.  When this happens, log back in to swagbucks and hover your cursor over your number of swagbucks at the top right and a drop down menu will appear.  Click on "My gift cards". You may have to type in your password to verify who you are.  Then, you'll see your amazon code for each card you ordered that is ready.

Keep that tab open and go shopping on amazon.  When it comes time to check out, copy and paste the code into the place where they ask if you have any coupons or discount codes on the checkout page.  Hit apply or update or whatever and the $5 credit will be applied (it goes toward shipping as well).  If you have more than one, just keep entering the codes into the box until you've used the ones you want and you're set!  You'll see the reflected credit.

Back on your gift cards page on swagbucks you can mark that you've used the codes so you know how many you have to use for next time (instead of trying to use old codes which will not work).

Does this make sense?  Once you do it a few times, it's easy, but as I type this, I realize there are a lot of instructions!  Printing this out and keeping it handy until you do it a few times may help.  Happy shopping, friend:-).
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  1. Good synopsis of the process! What I tend to do is to put all the gift cards on my Amazon account and let the balance build up there. When I go shopping, it's one less step I have to take to get my free stuff! :)

  2. what's the fastest way you have found to earn swagbucks? I can't seem to earn more than 9 swagbucks at a time, and that's thru the web search and win. I did manage to buy a few little gifts for Christmas last year, but this year's swagbucks are really coming slowly. Help! thanks

  3. Me!,
    The fastest way to earn them is to tell your friends about them and have them sign up and start searching, too. As they search and win, you'll earn the points that they do (up to 1,000 SB). To find your own link to give to your friends and family, log in to swagbucks and click on "Promote Banners". At the top, you'll see your unique referral link to send to your friends. Your earning will stop with those you refer. If your friends refer others with their own link, only they will earn from their searches.

    I earn through these referrals and also by bookmarking the sites I visit most using SB search. For example, I'll search for "Verizon email" with swagbucks search. I'll bookmark the swagbucks search page that shows the link I want. That way, every time I use the bookmark for my email, it uses the swagbucks search and I win bucks without typing in "Verizon email" every time. It adds one small step, but it helps me earn swagbucks a few times a day by doing this with all my the sites I regularly visit.

    Those are the only two ways I'm earning now. I don't have time to look for codes and don't want to look at the special offers and be tempted to sign up for something I don't need. I hope this was helpful and not too long of an answer!:-)

  4. I am so grateful that you posted about Swagbucks that first time! I signed up (under you!) and have been earning about $20-$25 in Amazon Gift Cards a month. I know there are people who earn sooo much more, but I'm happy!

    I use Swagbucks as my "homepage" and search for everything I need to look up. Honestly the ONLY website I type in the address bar is my bank account! I search "Gmail" "Facebook" "Blogger" "Weather" and then anything else I need to look up. Even search for Google for maps or when Swagbucks runs out of "images" when I'm looking for ideas! I wouldn't say I earn a ton searching and only win maybe 3-5 times a day.

    I have 3 referrals, but they rarely win anything so they're not much help for me. Oh well!

    I also make sure I do the "Daily Poll" and the "NOSO" every day. That's only 3 SB, but hey that adds up to 21 a week! As for "Special Offers" I only do videos or anything that does not require me putting in an email or phone number or credit card. So mostly videos. They're 1-3 SB a piece but again, they add up. They don't take a lot of my time, I can turn it on and let it run while I do other computer stuff. Very rarely do I do a Special Offer that requires a purchase and that's ONLY if I'm planning on using that website anyway...costumes, vistaprint, old navy...

    I try to qualify for Surveys when I'm in the mood, but usually that only happens maybe 2-4 times a month. I'll qualify for a couple and then won't do it again for a month. It's all about how much time I have to waste...which really isn't much! It's nice now though because if you don't end up qualifying they give you 1 SB for trying. I've never qualified for an "opinionshere" survey so when I see that little swirling circle with opinionshere in the address I just close it. Not worth my time!

    I only do a code if it's an obvious quick one. I usually miss them.

    In a little over a year I've earned about $300 in strictly $5 Amazon Gift Cards! Pretty proud of that little accomplishment! It helped tremendously with Christmas last year and my daughter's birthday this year. Hubby just finished Pharmacy school and money is soooooo tight trying to catch up with him not working for the last 2 years and paying off the ridiculous amount of student loans! Swagbucks has been such a blessing!

  5. I love Swagbucks! I tell everyone I know about using it as their search engine. Even though they add up slowly - they add up. I've gotten some really great stuff by using my Swagbucks.

  6. oh me oh my too hard to remember


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