Monday, August 15, 2011

A Little Orley Giveaway!

My kids cycle through their toys, videos and favorite CDs.  I bet yours do the same.  You know something is really special to them when it never drops out of the cycle.  Little Orley CDs are back in the van's CD player which is a sure sign that they are back at the top of the list once again.  It's hard to imagine our kids ever tiring of them.  Even Miriam, just over 2 years old, asks for Little Orley as soon as she's buckled.

Those of you who are new here may not know about these wonderful CDs.  My dad and his brother listened to the Little Orley radio programs when they were boys.  They both have such found memories of these stories and were thrilled when my uncle came across some of them on CD.  Our family got a hold of one and then purchased several from Red Hen Books & Toys.  We LOVE them- even Jamey and I- which is saying a lot for a kid's CD (I know you know what I mean).  They're great stories that combine humor, lessons, music and old-timey charm.

Well, I have two very fun things to share with you.  First of all, thanks to Red Hen Books & Toys, I'm going to introduce you to some of the other fabulous things on their website over the next couple of months in the form of more giveaways (three, to be exact).  Some of these items are perfect for keeping little hands busy during read alouds when school starts- more on that later.

The other fun thing, if you didn't notice the title of this blog post, is that Red Hen Books & Toys is giving away TWO Little Orley CDs this week:  Little Orley Radio Shows and Little Orley Stories!

How To Enter in Two Steps:

1) Check out the two CDs on Red Hen Books & Toys via the links above, scrolling down each page to read the titles of the songs to help you decide.  You can also listen to some samples here.  Let me know which one you'd like to win.  One name will be drawn from each group (based on choice).

2) Take a little walk through the Red Hen Books & Toys website and let me know in your comment which other items there tickle your fancy.  Think about what you're kids (or kids you know) would like.

Got that?  Two parts this time.  TWO parts.  Two PARTS.  Capiche?

One entry per household, please.  If you have trouble commenting, send me an email (with both steps included) and I'll post it for you.  Make sure to leave your initials if you comment anonymously.  In the last giveaway some of you forgot this and I couldn't enter you:-(.  I'll choose the two winners sometime on Friday!

"That's all, folks!"  -Uncle Lumpy (from Little Orley)

(I was not given anything to conduct this review or host this giveaway.  Red Hen Books & Toys offered to give away the CDs and I happily obliged since we love them so.)
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  1. How neat. I think my kids would like the Little Orley stories and the Dado block seem interesting.


  2. Little Orley and the prized vegetable, because it has to do with food.

    And, the farm construction set. Looks like a blast.

  3. Will be pouring through the Red Hen a bit more. Thanks for sharing it. I think we may have to order the fraction blocks soon. Those would be helpful in our math unit this school year.

    We have never heard any of the Little Orley stories but would love to hear the little Orley radio shows CD. I am sure they are all great though.


  4. I think we'd like the little Orley stories, even though we've never listened to any of them. :-)

    And, I'd like to win the yarn balls or any of the simple block sets. Anything to keep the toddler occupied while we do school!

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  5. This all looks fun. We would enjoy the Little Orley Stories, since I have to make a choice:) And the toys all look fun! I know the my boys would love the crazy forts building toy...among other things.
    ...Funny- we listened to the sample story about the lovebug. I used it to help with an arguement not 5 minutes later. haha

  6. I WILL HAVE MY DAUGHTER LOOK THIS OVER . SHE TAKES CARE OF THE GIVEAWAY BLOGS SITE. AND SHE HOGS THEM TILL SHE WINS. LET ME TELL YOU SHE WINS! KATELYNN RECEIVED UMI SHOES THIS SUMMER [ WHICH WE WOULD NEVER ORDINARILY BUY ] TO MUCH $$ BUT I know you get what you pay for one of these days I will list everything she has won,you won't believe it.any-who I wanted to thank you for this idea and one other I found on your blog about a little boy who runs away [ a book ] carves out a tree-perfect gift for my almost 7 anthony he is smart as a whip [ and will also someday be one of the MN. twins]I'M PRETTY SURE IT WAS YOU BUT I COULD BE WRONG BECAUSE MY MIND IS A MESS RIGHT NOW.-----I'M GOING TO GO LOOK AT ORLEY

  7. We like the Little Orley stories.
    And all the building block toys, but most especially the Prismatic.

  8. Cool, the "Little Orley Radio shows looks fabulous. I'd also love to check out the nature observation dome with my 2 year old son who loves the outdoors. Thanks for doing this.
    Karla T

  9. I have Little Orley stories, due to your reviews, and my son loves them. I would love to have another--Little Orley Radio Shows!

    Also, Tangram (colored) with wood tray from the Red Hen Books & Toys website looks like so much fun.

    All the best,
    Christy K.

  10. I would love to have the Little Orley Stories cd and the Dado cubes building set would be perfect for all the toddlers in the house right now:)

    Thanks for the chance!


  11. I think my daughter would love the little orley radio shows cd & the hexactly building system looks fun! karen p.

  12. We would love the the Little Orley Stories. We saw lots of neat things---fort building toy, all things Dado, yarn balls, fraction blocks.....

  13. We actually purchased Little Orley radio shows awhile back per your recommendation, the whole family loves it. So we would be thrilled to win Little Orley Stories!

    My boys are really into legos right now, so I think they would love the Brix construction kits or the Dado planks.

    *Just as a side note, I follow Little Orley on Facebook and they posted this not too long ago. "Running low on this CD (out-of-print when the CDs are gone)." I believe this was for the radio shows. So they may soon be harder to find or at least much more expensive!

  14. We would love Little Orley Radio Shows. We are ready for something new to listen to in our car too :) Thought the Inchimal Animals Math Set looked really interesting.


  15. I've been following your blog for sometime now. I've been encouraged to see somebody else out there purposefully living with less in order to give. I am also Mennonite and stumbling across your blog the first time I was reading blogs makes it more special.

    I'm thinking we would like the Little Orley Stories, and my almost 1 year old would have fun/frustration:) playing with the Dado cube blocks.


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