Monday, August 22, 2011


Here's what's happening in the garden these days...

 Our zinnias are doing beautifully.  This is the first year we grew them.  They didn't mind the dry spell and keep blooming, providing me with gorgeous cut flowers.  I love having them right along the garden fence that faces the house because I can see them from my kitchen window.  They remind me of my mom and my little sister's wedding and that just makes me happy.

 Our red raspberries are having a great year.   They look a lot better since Sam helped me tie them back.  They were all bending over because of the weight of the berries and their height and this made it difficult to pick them.  Using twine, we tied a support line to the fence every four feet or so, giving them something to lean on.

 For the first time in a few years, our peppers are turning red before the plants are looking sickly.  We're not sure what we did right this year (and it likely has nothing to do with us), but they are turning nicely and we're enjoying eating them fresh and popping them into the freezer.

 Our weeds are coming along nicely as well.  We decided to designate this whole corner of the garden to weeds this year.  They do well every year in our garden, but this year we decided to give them their very own space.  Joking aside, this is where lettuces, beets, garlic and onion had grown.  What's the point in weeding an area with no plants?  Okay, there probably is a reason we should be keeping the weeds down in there, but we don't care that much.  Well, we do.  But we don't.

 All fifty of the asparagus plants that Jamey planted this spring came up.  The challenge will be staying out of them for the next year or so while they become established. 

 Do your tomatoes look like this this time of year?  They're ripening up just fine, but the plants have started to deteriorate.  This happens to us every year.  It actually makes finding the tomatoes easier.  You know, since there are less green leaves for them to hide behind.

Sweet potatoes are in the foreground.  Cucumbers were beyond them.  Many of our cucumbers turned bitter during our dry spell, rendering them inedible.  We had great luck with watermelon this year and the kids and Jamey have been working like gang-busters to eat them all.  We got lots of cantaloupe, too, but very few had good flavor, so we enjoyed some from our local produce stand and the chickens enjoyed ours.  There is also butternut squash growing out there.

Somehow, fall is right around the corner.  Mercy me.
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  1. Your garden looks great and YES my tomaotes look just like yours. I wondered yesterday if mine were sickly or just tired afterall they were planted in March and here we are 6 months later. They are still producing and I expect them to continue through Halloween. Guess I'd feel like they look too! Love all the pic's especially all those raspberries! Robin in SoCal.

    S BIG .BEAUTIFUL BOUNTIFUL YARD WITH A NEW CROP OF WEEDS---LOL I WAS JUST BROWSING AND WISH I HAD MORE TIME TO STAY I WANTED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT Menno Simons but I'm still working on my just moved into the living room look to disappear. [ MEANING i DON'T WANT IT TO LOOK THAT WAY ,I JUST HAVE TO MUCH JUNK ] but my husbands brother is driving up. and I want him to stop at the Amish farms to get me some goodies, when we lived in KY. for awhile we always visited them but managed to arrive after all the bread was gone but I was curious the difference between the 2 I will return to read more

  3. The garden looks tomatoes don't do that but I think it's becuase I'm in a warmer climate? I harvested 5 lbs of tomatoes yesterday and you'd have thought I invented the tomato!! I was so proud.. ;)

    I love zinnias, too...they look beautiful along your fence. Do you plant those directly in the ground form seed? Or do you buy starts? Or start your own then transplant? I always forget how much I love zinnias...and now I want to plant some in my garden next year, too!

  4. Michelle,
    We sow our zinnia seeds right into the garden. Easy peasy:-).

  5. Thank you for the visit to your garden - I enjoyed it thoroughly (especially as we are at the other end of the world & are just starting to plant our seeds for our summer gardens)! I love you zinnias as well - I think I might try some & see if they will grow up here!
    Have a wonderful day

  6. I love seeing your garden. And I think you must live near me, since your weather always exactly parallels ours!

  7. what a fun garden tour - thank you!

    I've noticed tomatoes look like that too - looks terrible, but yeah, the tomatoes keep coming.


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