Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's Time to Vote

For those of you who do not want me to change my evolved-on-it's-own name, Thy Hand, I can relate.  This is a bit scary for me.  I don't do all that well with change a lot of times.  BUT, it is important to me to make this change, so I am trusting that, in a few months, I (and you) will feel at home with a new name.  For those of you who can't give Thy Hand up, don't.  I'll still answer to it, but maybe not until the second or third time:-).

{Deep breath.}

You all were so kind with your suggestions.  Really sweet people, you are.  Below are the three names I like best because I really want to strive to live out their meanings.  Please vote for your favorite in the comments below.  If you really can't decide between two, you may vote for two and each name will get a vote.  I'll tally the votes sometime on Friday (or thereabouts).  Thanks for helping me out on this.  I really couldn't do this on my own.  Seriously.  I would have a breakdown of some sort.   I would.

pause and reflect

to trust (via facebook suggestions)

gracious, merciful

One more thing.  If you have trouble commenting here, you can leave your vote on facebook or email me.
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  1. O.K. now I know you personally, I don't know if that changes things or not. So I'm going on meaning alone here. I'd say Jane. With Selah as a close second. All that doesn't mean I don't think you have don't hear any implication there. ;)

    Whatever the name I'll still be following you.

  2. Okay. And my apologies if I egged you into this because of my trouble calling you ThyHand. :o}

    I vote for Selah because you have the ability to pause and reflect which is something I need to learn how to do . . . rather than continuing with my knee-jerk reaction which is not always (ever?) the wisest choice. (You have no idea how appropriate this reminder is to me right now!) Selah. Yup. I like that and think it fits you very well.

  3. Great!! I vote for "Jane". I just love that name!

  4. Selah, definitely. That's pretty much what you help me to do every time I read your posts. :)

  5. Okay ThyHand, if you must change your name, then I pick Jane.

  6. I pick Selah...

  7. Well, I've got to vote for Selah, but Jane is an extremely close second.

  8. I think Jane suits you nicely!!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I vote for Jane.


  11. My vote is for selah, as I think that we all need to learn to pause and reflect before we take any actions. I Also Like faith!

  12. Jane! Its absolutely perfect :)

  13. I vote for Jane.

    IF Selah really means 'pause and reflect' then that would be a nice name, but it's not actually confirmed in it's meaning. It is a musical term of course, being found in the lyrics of psalms meant to be sung. But some scholars think it might mean 'repeat this verse' or 'join in' or something like that...
    Still, I think the meaning 'pause for reflection' is commonly accepted by now (there are lots of little girls with that name). In the end, I'd follow you no matter your name! Love your blog content and your open, conversational style.

  14. I really love your current "Thy Hand Hath Provided", but understand you find you need to change it....I would choose "Selah".

  15. just found your blog. I like Selah.


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