Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Over the past few days, there have been a smattering of little odd jobs to be taken care of.  Soon my days will be all about CORN.  Or, TOMATOES.  Or, GREEN BEANS.  But for now, it's a little of this and a little of that.  And it's been kind of nice.

We're still bringing in zucchini.  I've made 36 loaves of bread (crazy much?) and want to make one more batch.  I've also started chopping them for the freezer.  They're then ready for Peanut Butter Vegetable Soup and Chicken and Zucchini Casserole on cold nights this winter.

That handful of garlic bulbs that didn't fit into your braids because of one reason or another?  I like to chop them up in my mini chopper, cover them with olive oil and store them in the fridge.  This way, they're at the ready come tomato sauce time.  Just remember, storing it this way is a SHORT TERM solution.  (Don't keep garlic in oil for more than a couple weeks due to the risk of botulism.)

Do you know about my love for beet hummus?  Not only is it super tasty and gorgeous in color, but those beets are a good source of fiber, vitamin C and iron to boot.

Miriam is into week three of potty training.  It's going pretty well.  She still has 1-2 accidents a day and she still can't always tell us she has to go, but by setting her on the potty every half hour, we're catching almost everything.  She's learned to hold it until she sits!  Here's hoping that 5 or 6 more weeks of summer will seal the deal.

It's sunflower time!  We've been cutting and selling sunflowers for about a week now.  If you're local, come on out.  There is a bunch with your name on it:-).  The profits will be sent here.

In the midst of all these little odd jobs, we're also stopping to take time to enjoy the view.  Don't forget to take some time to do that yourself this week.  Okay?  Promise?  Okay, good :-).

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  1. What variety of sunflower do you grow? I grew some that I though were mammoth (or maybe it was giant?) but they turned out quite small. The flower head was the stem/stalk was pretty massive and TALL. I was shocked with how tiny the flower head was in comparison. :o)

  2. Sounds like a fun summer! I've never thought about doing that with the garlic, thanks for the tip. I tried the beet hummus recipe a couple weeks back and it was delish. I made about ten cups and put them in the freezer.

  3. I've never thought of that with my extra garlic but I'm worried about botulism! People all over the internet have me scared to death about storing my uncooked garlic with any moisture involved.... see here... and also here....

    So do you have any thoughts or experience on this Jane?

  4. Oh sunflowers! (sigh)
    Just love them so so so much.

    How long does your garlic in oil last in the fridge?

  5. I'm still scared to try the beet hummus. I tried beets and juiced them a few months ago. The experience confirmed my suspicions that they would taste like dirt. Would you please bring some over for me to taste? ;)

    I can't believe how BIG your kids are getting! LOVE the shot of them looking out at the mountains, that is great!

  6. Christy,
    The sunflowers we plant are Sunrich orange F1 hybrids. The reason we are planting these is because they are great for bouquets (and often the kind florists use) because they don't drop pollen and they're non-branching. We got them from Johnny's Selected Seeds catalog.

    Thanks for the reminder. Whenever I store garlic like this, I do it for the short term, never keeping it beyond a 2-3 weeks. I will clarify this above. Thanks for reminding us of this concern:-).

  7. I wish I was local. Your sunflowers are beautiful!

    Great picture at the end of the post.

  8. Love the pictures of your kids. The one of Miriam and the one of the three of them. Beautiful and so precious.

  9. So much going on! And can I tell you how much I LOVE training pants!! Adorable!

  10. I have NOT forgotten about your wonderful sounding beet hummus and can't wait to try making some of my own this year...mmm.

  11. I love those sunflowers! I don't know where local is but I'm pretty sure by the scenery that it's not FLorida! lol


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