Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Few Glimpses

We've come to terms with the fact that others grow corn better than we do.  I'm okay with this.  Jamey does a good job growing some for us to eat and to add to what we get from the local farmer.  His love of corn is contagious.  Whenever we drive by a corn field (which is often) the kids go crazy saying, "Dad!  Look at all that corn!" or "Wow, that corn looks nice."  Even Miriam chimes in with "Look at all them corn!"  As you can see we (and I say we very loosely since all I did was pack it into bags) did corn this past week. 

This has to be the smallest egg our hens have ever laid.  Tears actually came to my eyes.  This is how hormonal much I love little bitty things.  Little eggs remind me of little babies- chicks, kittens, puppies, human babies- the whole lot of them- and they turn me into a blubbery mess.

Our tomatoes are coming!  Not quite fast enough to start canning, but there has been enough to add to suppers, sandwiches and, if you're Sadie, to eat in hand.  In case you've forgotten, my favorite tomato sandwich is toasting two slices of wheat bread, spreading peanut butter on one slice, mayonnaise on the other, laying in sliced tomatoes and then, well, eating it.  It's delish.

We've been stuffing our mouths with fruit this past week.  Red raspberries have started coming again, our peaches are soon ready to be picked, we've been eating some canteloupe from both our garden and the local farmstand (where we've also been picking up watermelon) and we've been buying local nectarines because we cannot wait for our order from the orchard to arrive. 

I love summer.
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  1. I got an egg just like that once. I put it on my counter, like a trophy, for nearly a month!

    Marilyn @

  2. Another corn lover checking in here.(I know you don't like corn all that much :p )

    The tomatoes look delicious!!

  3. Wow,peanut butter-tomato sandwich-OK I guess but I like peanut butter,onion and Parmesan cheese on toast-really good.To all of you that prayed for my husband,tons of thanks and hugs I'm getting slobbery just thinking about it. my husband did not get the greatest news but he got good news he has a slow growing cancer just like the one Steven Jobs has ,not the fast growing one pa trick Swazi had but I STILL NEED A LOT MORE PRAYERS SO PLEASE DON'T STOP-HE WILL BE HAVING A PET SCAN NEXT WEEK TO MAKE SURE IT HAS NOT SPREAD-THANKS AGAIN

  4. Judy,
    Thank you for the update. I'm so glad it's slow-growing. I'll be thinking of him and you next week, praying that the PET scan is otherwise clean.

  5. Oh, the pictures of your melons made me salivate. The thought of your peanut butter/mayo/tomato sandwich, not so much. ;o}

  6. All those yummy produce pictures are making me hungry! Especially the corn and tomatoes. We're in a bad drought here so there isn't much local stuff available this year. Hoping the fall will be better.

  7. I finally ate my first tomato this weekend! I didn't even try corn this year... :)

  8. We recently put up 400+ ears of corn. Lots of work, but oh, so good! And, while I love a tomato sandwich, please make mine without peanut butter. Oh, my!!


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