Monday, May 16, 2011

What A Week

It all began two Saturdays ago.  Jamey's family came into town for his graduation.  The graduation itself was a bit long, as most graduations go, but it was fun to celebrate it with family.  After ward, we came back to our house and enjoyed food and fellowship throughout the remainder of the weekend.

On Monday morning, Miriam and I met up with my sister and her two girls and traveled together to see my other sister and her newborn twins.  Oh my goodness.  Sweetness is what they are.  Holding and helping to feed them was bliss.  My sister is doing so great juggling all that's involved with twin babies and I'm so proud of her.

Miriam and I returned home Thursday evening and on Saturday, I left again- this time it was to meet up with Jamey who was running an ultramarathon (100 miles).  I don't think I've ever shared this little hobby of his with you all.  As strange as it may sound, he really enjoys running long distance trail runs.  This was his fifth 100-miler and, unfortunately, due to some stomach and quad issues, he had to drop out after 77 miles.  My sister (the one who did NOT just have twins) came along to help me crew for him (traveling to each aid station to provide support).  I could not have driven around in the dark woods without her. 

Mile 68

Now, we're all home.  Jamey has one more week before he starts his new job.  We have three more weeks of homeschooling before we're done for the summer.  We're still eating asparagus, lots of lettuce and spinach and are watching our strawberries ripen.  Life will quiet down now.  We are so thankful for everything.  God's graces continue to amaze us.

Thank you for being patient while I was off gallivanting all over creation.  I'm back now and hopefully my mind will settle down like the rest of my life. Pin It


  1. So proud of Jamey! Glad to have you back!

  2. Great job Jamey... 77 miles... U.R.AWESOME.

  3. So many good things...the babies are adorable and perfect. Jamey is THE MAN. Missed you...xox

  4. Welcome back. I'm sure you're eager to get settled back into home life although it sounds like your time away was very nice. Beautiful babies! Anybody who can run 77 miles has nothing to feel bad about. The man must be in goooood shape!

  5. Holy kimoly! My husband would love to do an IronMan triathlon someday...but 5 100 milers? Wow. Good for him!

  6. Congratulations to your hubby and to your family on Jamey's graduation! My hubby graduated from Pharmacy school this weekend too. I am so glad it's over! What a difficult time it's been for us, but also a very blessed time too. Rendering all control to God for his provision was/is hard, but as we knew, He was always there. I know that God made our schooling times a struggle so we knew to look back and see why we all worked so hard and to know that each gift He gives us is for a purpose and we must do our best to be good stewards of those gifts. Many blessings to your family!

  7. Congratulations to Jamey on his graduation!!
    And the twins are just so cute! I'm glad you had a sweet time with them. (:(:

  8. Congratulations!!! Do I recall that Jamey's education was the main reason for your big garden?? What a milestone, then, you have achieved.

    And I have never heard of ultramarathons, but GOOD GRIEF I am impressed. I don't think I realized that people could actually run 100 miles. wow.


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