Monday, April 4, 2011

Local + Discount = The Customer Advantage

Recently I was contacted through my blog by a kind fella who thought I'd be interested in something new.  I get these emails fairly frequently.  Someone wants me to run an ad for them or wants me to review their product or site.  While these invitations can be tempting because they usually offer some incentive, I can't post or advertise for something that 1) I'm not excited about, 2) I don't believe in, and 3) doesn't fit with the theme of my blog.  So, for many of these folks I write back and, as kind as I can, decline.

Well, the email I got a couple weeks ago was about The Customer Advantage (TCA).  Have you heard of it yet?  Here's the gist.  Local businesses offer 50% discount vouchers to customers (you and me) in their area in place of advertising.  Some of you may be familiar with sites like Groupon.  This is similar, but instead of only offering discounts on what I consider fluff (expensive restaurants, spas, wine, etc.) this new site hopes to showcase all kinds of local businesses in your area that you may not know are there and that you may actually be able to use and support (think plumbers and bakers).  How cool is that?!

Local + Discounts?  What a combination!  You know how much I love to support local farmers by buying local food.  This is an opportunity to support local small businesses!

The company is still in the process of rounding up businesses and members, so it's not offering vouchers (like coupons) yet.  This will start happening in some parts of the country in the next month or so.  Signing up is absolutely free.  When your area is up and running, you'll get emails from local businesses offering you 50% off their product or service- you can take them or leave them!  That's it!  All for free.

Now, there is actually even more cool stuff about this new company/internet service (also all for free), but I'll let the expert tell you.  Click here and scroll down the page and watch one (or both) of the videos where the founder explains things.  I suggest starting with the one on the left.

You know me.  When I find something I'm excited about, I blab about it.  And supporting local businesses while getting a discount gets me excited.  Pin It


  1. Sounds good! Maybe if I'm lucky they'll have a listing for Raccoon Catchers... I'd really like all my chickens to survive this year...

  2. The local Christian radio station in our area does this through their website, they have all sorts of businesses "advertising" the money that we pay then goes to support the radio station, instead of the company paying for the advertising. I haven't bought anything yet, but I do check it every now and then, especially if we are in need of a certain type of service. The radio station also does an online auction for higher priced items like stays at resorts and such. It's a very clever idea, it keeps income coming in to the radio station and gives local businesses a chance to show themselves.

  3. I truly enoy reading your blog and seeing all of the interesting things you are doing.
    I always leave feeling refreshed.



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