Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eating Green

After a long winter (okay, well, not as long as some of you must endure), eating fresh green things is like winning the lottery.  Every day.  That may sound extreme, but since we don't buy fresh vegetables all winter long (except for onions this year because ours didn't keep), the crispy crunch of lettuce, spinach and asparagus really and truly is a treat.

Jamey and I have been eating large salads of lettuce and spinach topped with hard boiled eggs with lunch and dinner every day.  If you find yourself enjoying greens right now, too, you might want to check out these two salad dressing recipes we use- they both use honey in place of sugar and are outstanding.  And, here, you'll find two more dressing recipes and and a recipe for lettuce and egg salad (which does not contain egg salad).

In addition, every other day, we pick and eat (swoon) as much asparagus as has grown in that time.  We are currently getting about 7-10 spears each.  Sam and Sadie get a few each, too, but we don't waste any on Miriam.  She refuses to eat anything green.  And, yes, we're sure she's our child.

Jamey fell so hard after eating our first asparagus of the year and he promptly went out the next day and bought 50 more asparagus roots and planted them squarely in the garden.  Our established crowns are along a fence and while there is adequate light and space, they aren't producing as we'd like.  Some of the crowns have died off and even though we've planted additional ones each year we've been here (because we want more, More, MORE), we still don't have enough.  Fifty should fix things.  We're thrilled that some of them are coming up already.  Aren't they cute?

Here are a few other pictures of green things showing themselves right now in the garden...

 Our new strawberry bed.  We planted new plants last year because our old bed aged out.

 Garden (English) peas.

Onions (with a smattering of strawberries- this is where the old strawberry bed was).


Lettuce and spinach just coming up in one of our new, larger cold frames.

More lettuce.

And more lettuce.

Well, they're not green but they were very interested (as always) in what I was doing.

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  1. I still need to get my garden planted! It's been so wet around here lately we only just got it plowed. Anyway, I do have fresh rhubarb, cilantro, basil, and fresh asparagus. The asparagus isn't my own, but my parents and John's parents both grow it. I'm ready for more garden fresh yumminess! I'm especially craving fresh tomatoes.

  2. Just what comes from the farmer's market green houses. :(
    But we are thankful for every bite!

  3. Our chives and rhubarb are up, probably will pick the rhubarb next week. It's been raining so much we can't plant anything else. Your chickens are simply gorgeous! What kinds are they?

  4. Just look at all that lettuce, bet those salads are great. That is one lucky rooster you have there.:)

  5. I'm jealous of the asparagus. We're renting, so I don't really want to plant some, just to leave when I can finally harvest. I have thought about planting some at my mom's... I still might.

  6. Me!,
    The dark and light brown are Golden-Laced Wyandottes, the black and white are Silver-Laced Wyandottes, the brown one with the puffier head (toward the top of the photo) is an Ameracauna (they lay the blue-green eggs) and Merv, our rooster, is the product of a relationship between our old rooster, a Golden-Laced Wyandotte, and an Ameracauna:-).

  7. Your garden looks amazing:) Especially the asparagus, once we get moved I am planting Asparagus and lots of it! Asparagus grows in the pear orchards around where I live, but its a bummer cause most likely they soak up all the pesticides etc:(

  8. Our neighbors dropped off some fresh watercress a few weeks ago. We wnjoyed it with hard boiled eggs as well :)


  9. We are still getting snow... So nope, no green stuff for us yet.. :( It's been a LONG winter and I don't know that spring will ever get here! :)

  10. Just green beans and asparagus from the supermarket. My garden is in, but it is already a billion degrees here...summer came early. My beans are flowering....hopefully we'll get some of our own beans soon. We ate a ton of our own lettuce over the winter. Your chickens are beautiful!

  11. I'm currently eating green m&m's :)


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