Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Yesterday was my first real day outside in a long time.  It sounds pitiful and it is.  There is so much to do indoors that it takes a really beautiful day (and the fact I had an afternoon relatively free) to get me outside that first spring day.  Once I have a taste, there's no turning back and for the rest of the spring (while we'll still finishing school), I'll struggle with staying indoors.

Here's a peek at what's going on outside around here.

 These little blue flowers are all over our lawn this time of year.  Does anyone know what they are?  Are they a weed?  I don't care if they're a weed.  I love them.

 Day lilies

 A couple years ago, a friend gave us a bunch of huge Plexiglas glass sheets that were going to be thrown away at a renovation site (they were used to weatherize old windows).  Initially we thought we'd use them to build a green house, but that never happened, so instead Jamey is building cold frames.  We'll use them to transition our seedlings to the outside.

 We pruned our sour cherry and pear tree.

 Our feathered friends are enjoying the weather as well. 

 Here's a mini cold frame holding the lettuce and spinach we planted a month or so ago because we couldn't stand not having anything green.  They're getting used to the outdoors and growing, albeit rather slowly.

 I'm sure you recognize this as a pussy willow...

 But, did you know it comes from this pussy willow TREE?  I probably show you this every year- I just can't get over it.  I never knew pussy willows to grow into huge trees.  Below the tree is an old hog pen/shed that the kids use as a playhouse and a their tree fort. Don't worry, the ladder is affixed tightly to the tree.

Last, but not least, always the first flowers up around here, my beloved daffodils right by the back door.
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  1. How fun to see true spring pictures!
    Here in Utah there's nothing but white, white, white!
    Spring will happen (eventually), it just takes longer~
    I loved seeing all your 'green' and the cool cold frames :)

  2. Beautiful springtime scenery- thank you for sharing. I have never heard of a pussy willow tree; how amazing is that!

  3. Lovely lovely lovely...and no, I had NO idea a pussy willow could grow into a tree! How cool is that?

  4. Your little purple flowers look like a wild violet. They are pretty though. We have forsythia blooming everywhere too, it's wonderful! Can't wait to til for warm season crops!

  5. Oh, so nice to see some green and some flowers!! It's been snowing here the last couple of days and we will not see spring for a little while yet. Sigh!!

  6. I love when things start coming to life! Can't wait for the daffodils to start blooming.

  7. Is that yellow bush forsythia? I long for one of those!
    It's not quite spring here in Alberta yet, but we are all holding our breath.

  8. Beautiful post dripping with spring time. I could almost smell the awakening earth. The only thing you can smell outside here today are the snowflakes falling. I'll be digging with my snow shovel for a while yet before wrapping my hands around garden tools.

  9. :) i second Brandy's calling of those little cute flowers as wild violets... :) i have them in my yard, too... they're so cute and pretty when spring finally comes and the grass starts to green up! :) enjoy them and the rest of the beauty of everything around you! :) happy Spring! :)

  10. RootandTwig,
    Forsythia indeed:-).

    Brandy and The Rakows,
    Wild violets? A perfect name for those little pretties. Thank you.:-)

  11. Looks like spring has come to your house,ours too! And I am so glad.The chickins are pretty. Blessings jane

  12. You are certainly farther along on the spring theme than we are here in Michigan, with our four inches of snow-and-ice last night! How about sending some of that beauty our way?:-)

    Your wild violets are lovely! Each year, we make delicious violet jelly. I don't know if you have this recipe, but I'd be happy to share it, if you're interested. It turns a gorgeous bright pink color and is so easy to make (and delicious!)--but you must hurry and pick the blossoms, as they don't stay around very long. Let me know if you'd like the recipe.

    ~ Betsy

  13. It's spring once again! Those look nice. Can't wait to work on my garden again. I miss my blooms.

  14. "baby blue eyes" aka Nemophila

  15. Little blue flowers are actually a weedy plant called Bird’s Eye Speedwell (veronica persica). It is a native American wild flower. I think they are quite beautiful as a natural "rug". Would love to have some in my lawn!

  16. Yes.They are Veronica persicas and lots of them grow here in Iran.


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