Monday, February 14, 2011

How It All Began

I love to hear stories about how people met.

My all-time favorite story is that of my maternal grandparents.  My Grammie loved ice skating and she was good at it.  One winter, she was skating and fell through thin ice.  Thankfully, there were others on the pond and one particular young man pulled her out of the ice and carried her to a nearby house.  That young man was my grandfather and that rescue was how they met.

Jamey and my story is not nearly so dramatic. 

I remember clearly sitting in the back seat of my grandparent's station wagon.  We had borrowed it and my parents were driving me back to college for the fall semester of my sophomore year.  The night before, my boyfriend of three years broke up with me.  I knew it was for the best.  I knew I wouldn't ever marry him, but to officially break off a relationship and friendship that had lasted so long was hard.

I was looking out the car window and these thoughts were running through my head...okay, I know most of the boys in my (college) class and while many of them are really great, I can't see dating and becoming serious with them...I guess if I'm meant to marry, it will be someone I meet at church or through my job one day.  I remember praying to God for patience and putting my love life (or lack thereof) into His hands.

Over the first couple months at school, I was surprised to find myself dating.  It was clearly what people my age did, it's just that it had been so long since I got to know a new person in that way and I found that I wasn't ready and needed to back peddle a bit to gain my footing.

Then, one evening a group of us were hanging out and one of my good friends (thank you, Jon) brought along a high school friend of his, a freshman.  He was tall, cute, unassuming and quiet.  And he was all I could think about from that day forward.

I managed to get to know him over time.  Some girlfriends would give me a heads up if he was in the campus center or cafeteria so I could "run into him".  They used to joke that when he walked into a room, his eye lashes would knock them over even if they were on the opposite side.  I spent many hours playing pool in the game room with him and his volleyball teammates.  This in itself seemed bizarre to me.  I had never been friends with jocks before.  My boyfriend of three years played guitar, was in a band and had dreadlocks.  This new young man did not.  He had short, neat hair and enjoyed exercise.  Weird.

We became good friends, but he did not catch on to the fact that I wanted to be more than that for quite a while.  Once he did and I discovered he felt the same way, life was bliss.  I have such wonderful memories of getting to know him, spending hours playing the questions game.  You know- when you ask a person all sorts of hypothetical questions about the future (in a non-commitment-threatening way) in order to find out what they are like.  I remember one session of these questions when the topic of homeschooling came up.  We discovered we both thought it was cool and would be open to homeschooling our kids one day (not kids with each other- no, no- we were playing it cool).

I remember how it felt so weird to fold my hands together (as if I was praying) during that time.  My hands felt so small because I was so used to holding his big hand in mine.  I know it's sappy and corny, but that's love.  Sappy and corny.  Three years later we married.  That was 13 years ago.

It's not a dramatic, fall-through-the-ice kind of story, but it's my very favorite one. 

I love these stories.  Did I mention that already?  Please tell me your favorite meeting story- it can be yours or someone else's.  Pretty please?  It would make my day. Pin It


  1. I met my husband at church. I remember praying early on, "God, oh no, he's not the one is he?" He was loud and gregarious and stood out wherever he was- an overwhelming personality for someone like me who tries to blend in. I didn't like him one bit.
    A couple of years later we were both helping to clean up a room in the church and I complimented him on his tie which had a beautiful print of the Book of Kells on it. We ended up discovering a mutual love of church history, British literature and bad comedies. That conversation led to two weeks of seeing each other almost every night- until I moved to South America for a year. (God must have a beautiful sense of irony.) Despite the fact that my husband (foolishly) dated someone else for a bit while I was gone, we eventually persevered. Hundreds of emails, a couple VERY expensive phone calls, and one visit later, he asked me to marry him shortly after I returned! We've been married for 8 years now.

  2. Ours was definitely not love at first sight. I met my husband in school when I was seven. We had moved in the middle of the school year and I had to sit across the aisle from him. We were "enemies" from the start and it lasted through our school years. Somehow that changed in our teens when we fell in love. We will soon be celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary. Twelve gloriously happy years, and to think we started by totally despising each other! :)

    I was/am chronicling my journey from a happy little Amish girl to where I am today on my blog. I am sharing part of our wedding day today.


  3. P.S. I promise to never try to steal your pickled beets! Ha Ha!

    I don't blame you for staying private though. I changed my husbands and our childrens names on my blog as well.


  4. So, I'm doing some math, you are older than your Hubby? I am too! by 6 years!

  5. Lovely stories. Thanks for the inspiration for a blog post of my parents' meeting. Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. My hubby and I met at a church convention when we were both in middle school. I though he was weird. He thought I was snooty. We didn't have much contact (lived in opposite corners of the state) for several years until we both started attending the state university. On my birthday he gave me a used modem for my computer (yep, he's a techie!) And the rest, as they say, is history. We'll be celebrating 12 years this May!

  7. Fun how your Grandparents met! I enjoyed reading how you and your hubby met too. Isn't it interesting how it works? We met on my friend's front door step...he just leaving and me just arriving. Girls were chasing him (not at that moment) and I didn't which is what (I think) attracted him to me ~ that, and the fact that I dropped cake and how I handled that situation. LOL! We celebrate 20 years this coming July. Happy 13 to you!! You are just entering the *teen* years as we are leaving them! It's all good. Enjoy!

    Many blessings,

  8. He got out of his truck and came up to the door of the VS unit and shook my hand. He says he noticed my horrid pink shorts and hairy legs. I noticed his brilliant blue eyes and dark hair. I thought he was a jerk (albeit an exciting jerk) because he was in the middle of dumping one of my housemates, and because he was loud and cocky and so dang handsome. Fourteen months later, we married.

  9. I met my dh when he was 10 and I was 14...he is an American, I was a Canadian. My grandfather was an evangelist and came to the USA for some meetings. I tagged along. During one of those meetings I became a Christian and so did my dh. Throughout the years, across 1000 miles - my dh and I wrote to one another - about 1 letter a month - for about 12 years. We were "just friends" - and of course could only be friends b/c of the "great" (in my mind) age difference - and I wanted to get married when I was young - so how would that work??

    During that 12 years I saw him a couple of times - the last time being when I was about 18.

    During his last yr in college, things started changing between us and we expressed our "feelings" for each other. In March he traveled to Canada for the first time (and almost froze to death :) was still the depths of winter). We grew closer.

    In May (much nicer weather) I flew to the USA to see him graduate - and we got engaged. We married that September.

    After he visited in Canada and especially after we got engaged - there were letters written about every day...and both of us saved every letter...even the ones from when we were "just friends".

    I had to remain in Canada almost 2 months after we were married (a forced separated after a one week honeymoon!) due to immigration. So the letters continued as a married couple.

    Even though it would have been nice to have had email back then (instant communication) - it's precious to have all these old love letters.

    We've now been married 15.5 years...and I've known him longer than I haven't. I became a US citizen 10 years ago...


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