Monday, January 3, 2011

A Note to You

Dear Commenters,

I've been wanting to say something to you and the thought finally popped into my slow little head that I could just write you a note about it.  This is that note.

A few of my favorite bloggers have this amazing ability to respond to all the comments they receive.  I LOVE this.  And I wish terribly that I could do the same.

Each of your comments mean so much to me.  I have my settings such that I have to "approve" each comment before it will be seen/published on my blog.  I do this not because I'm afraid of weirdos.  I do this because I do not want to miss.  A.  Single.  One.

I love hearing about your lives through your comments.  I love hearing about different ways of doing things that have or haven't worked for you.  I love learning from you.  I love getting to know you in this way.

I generally don't respond to comments unless they include a question.  I've hesitated to start responding to non-questions because I'm afraid I will leave someone out by forgetting to respond and at this stage in my life, I do not have the time to devote to the thoroughness that this would require.

So, please know that I adore your comments.  I am touched each and every time you take a few seconds out of your busy lives to leave me a comment.  It is still my practice to respond to every question and every email.  Just know that your comments are just as meaningful to me.

May God bless you as you have blessed me.


Thy Hand Hath Provided

"Keep alert, stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong.  Let all that you do be done in love." 
 1 Cor. 16:13, NRSV
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  1. And on that note (no pun intended), just know that if I don't always leave a comment, it doesn't mean I haven't read each and every post you write!

  2. Heres a Comment: huggs! Wise woman! oxo

  3. #1 Well... I'll have you know that I have to approve every comment on my blog because I AM AFRAID OF WEIRDO'S....Especially the Chinese Viagra Guy!

    #2 I like how you tried to soften the blow of telling us that you cannot respond to every comment with a lovely picture of flowers :)

    #3 I think you're awesome...

  4. Love you too, sweetie! :0)

  5. I just wanted to let you know that posting the mini Etsy for your readers has inspired me to do the same:) I just love the idea.

    Happy New Year!

  6. and ps. thank you so much for including me in yours:)

  7. yes, i too read every post, although i do not often comment. love your blog!!!

  8. I feel the same. I wish I had the time to respond to every comment, but there are never enough hours in the day to do what I want or need to do. So keeping up communications tends to drop toward the bottom of the list. It plagues me, but I am trying to be kinder to myself and let this nagging feeling go that I should be doing this and more.

    Happy New Year Thy Hand!

  9. ThyHand - Yes, you need to give yourself a break and not feel badly about your inability to respond to each and every comment. Let's face it, we're all at different stages of our lives. When you have children at home, finding time to take a shower once every week or so ;o) can be a real chore. It's totally understandable that you don't have unlimited time to spend on the computer.

    Having said that, oh how I wish I had had blogging buddies during the stage of my life when I had no adult to talk to or much of any time for myself all day long. So enjoy your blogging in any way you can. And because your posts are always interesting, thought-provoking, informative and entertaining, we'll keep reading no matter what. Hugs.

  10. I often worry that people might respond to my comments and that I won't see it as I don't usually go back and look after making a comment - so I think you are being very sensible - love following you x.

  11. You're welcome! I love the support and love we get from each other in bloggyland.

  12. Well said, THHP! Can I ditto that?

  13. I like commenting on your blog ;-) It's funny to comment on someone's blog when you don't know them, but it does make you feel more connected and less like a lurker :-)

  14. Well, if that means that I'm one of your favourite bloggers, then I'll forgive you for not responding to my comment. :P

    If you saw the pile of dishes that I'm avoiding, or the laundry sitting in my bed, you'd tell me to stop replying to comments (or commenting on posts) and go take care of my housework, lazy wench.

  15. I am sorry to disagree with you but I feel that if a reader takes up their valuable time to leave a flattering comment, the blogger should return the favor. I also think the comment should be given on their blog. Every blogger wants those comments and numbers so it is not fair to refuse to visit their blog. If you do not have time to respond to your readers then maybe you shouldn't try to blog and just tend to your family.


  16. I read your blog and follow it on facebook. Very informative. Thank you.
    I have recently started a blog about homesteading at:
    I hope you can take a break and check it out.
    Brenda at Southern Urban Homesteader


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