Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's For Lunch?

My kids would be happy as clams if I fed them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, plain yogurt (with jam) and fruit every day for lunch.  Clams, I tell you.  In my effort to cut back on some of our sugar intake around here and to give them a more balanced (lunch) diet, I've decided to vary what they eat midday this fall.  Below is what I've come up with.  I've even assigned each of the lunches a day of the week.  The easier lunches fall on the days we have homeschool PE (right over the lunch hour), so lunch-making when we get home is quick as can be.

Pizza rolls

Monday:  Cheese and mayonnaise sandwiches (we don't eat a lot of meat and the kids love these- go figure), canned peaches or nectarines, yogurt

Tuesday:  Macaroni and Cheese from a box (yes, I'm human), usually organic, peas or green beans, fruit

Wednesday:  Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, cheese or yogurt, fruit

Thursday:  Pizza Rolls (these rolls topped with this sauce and mozzarella cheese- bake the rolls first for 10 minutes at 350 degrees before topping and putting under the broiler for 3 minutes), applesauce

Friday:  Leftover lunch food (if any) or Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup, yogurt, fruit

There you have it.  Certainly not fancy.  Easy to make.  Healthier.  The kids like the routine.  I like the routine. We all have the schedule memorized.  We all know what's for lunch.

What do you feed your kids for lunch?  We can all use the ideas. Pin It


  1. Love the plan, have been thinking about doing the same thing and this gave me some great ideas : )

  2. My kids tend to eat 'tidbits' for lunch. They like hummus and pita, PB on rice cakes, fruit, yogurt, nuts, avacados & tortilla chips, mac-n-cheese, bagels & cream cheese etc.....nothing fancy or formal at my house. We do the occasional cheese & mayo sandwich as well. I try and avoid lunch meats as much as I can, but the kids do like ham.

  3. Great idea!! I'll have to try this in the summer when the kiddos are home for lunch. My boys love predictability, so they would be grateful for this kind of schedule.

  4. Gasp! You cook out of a box? Macaroni? Oh my goodness ;)

    I think your lunch menu is excellent! My boy child normally gets a PB&J each day at school, along with yogurt or applesauce and fresh fruit. The girl child gets the same when she is behaving, but when she's on a naughty roll she is on the healthy diet and gets sent in with all veggies (a combination of edamame, corn, peas, carrots and peanut butter on celery).

    Now I want pizza rolls for lunch!

  5. lunch is my least favorite meal to make... so I love the schedule idea. Great idea!

  6. I've been working on a similar list too. Also a snack list. It feels like we eat the same lunch and same snack everyday.

  7. We have a plan for breakfast and dinner. Normally, we have leftovers from the dinner the night before for lunch. If not, we usually do sandwiches; grill cheese, p-nut butter and honey, or tuna. In the colder months I always make a big pot of soup on Monday and that is also another option for lunches if there are not any dinner leftovers. Since we homeschool too I like to have a plan for our lunch - but lunch is not my favorite meal to make!

    Pizza rolls look yummy! We do pizza night on Friday - this would be a fun option.

  8. Love the plan...we do this for breakfast. I should really do it for lunch. We are stuck in the PB&J rut.

  9. I just discovered Flatout bread which you can use to make wrap sandwiches OR a quick pizza. Toast the bread slightly, then add spaghetti sauce, any other toppings and cheese and bake until cheese is melted. VERY quick and easy for lunch or dinner. Even the kids can help.

  10. great meal ideas!
    my children are the same way.
    I have recently discovered french bread sliced in half with the same toppings as your pizza rolls. this is their favorite. We like to add popcorn in the mix too once a week. Normally I use whatever is leftover from dinner and add that to a wrap, now that's a wrap!

  11. I just found your blog. I look forward to reading more. As far as lunches or any meal goes at our house, my kids could be perfectly happy eating grilled cheese and tomato soup everyday.

  12. Peanut butter on anything is pretty much our lunch!


  13. Meals at my house are interesting since my oldest son is allergic to peanuts and is incredibly picky. Both my sons would eat salami everyday, if they could, but they get that, w/ cheese and some crackers every now and them. I'll, sometimes put out a plate w/ 1 or 2 different cheeses, bread or crackers, butter, sliced cucumbers & radishes, and fruit. Soup is common in winter, grilled cheese, pasta w/ butter & parmesan, pasta in chicken broth, hummus, or hot dogs.Bagels & cream cheese make am appearance every now and then.

  14. We like nachos for lunch: just spread tortilla chips on a cookie sheet, layer on some cheese and beans and pop under the broiler for a few minutes. Sometimes we also add taco meat or chopped onion, depending on ambition. Serve with salsa, guacamole or whatever.

    We sometimes do boxed mac & cheese and add some tuna & peas.

  15. We almost always eat leftovers, sometimes dressed up a little or fried a little or something.
    If there aren't leftovers, or I'm feeling energetic, I make sandwiches and popcorn. We don't do lunch meat. I don't like PB&J so I don't make it because we all eat the same food. I give my kids PB&J for special snacks and their grandmothers make it for them too.


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