Tuesday, November 23, 2010

They Give Me Shivers, I Tell You

Just writing this sends literal shivers down my arms and makes my eyes turn teary.  I want to share something with you this morning.  Consider it my Thanksgiving gift to you.

In 1909, Syriac manuscripts were discovered that date back to before 150 AD.  These manuscripts contain 42 odes thought to have been written by the same man, a Jew turned Christian.  These are likely some of the very first chants/hymns sung by the early church.  The first Christians.  The ones who may have heard about Jesus from the apostles.

"Since 1909, when the Odes were found in a Syriac manuscript, scholars have edited the extant Greek, Coptic, Latin, and Syriac texts, and translated them into many modern languages, included English, German, and French. While the Odes are well known to historians and scholars, they are virtually unknown to theologians, church leaders, and the laity. The purpose of the Odes Project is to render a voice to the Odist’s creations and make the Odes familiar to all. A movement is now sweeping the world; it is a recognition that the Odes invigorate worship and supply a joy and happiness to liturgy." 

One of my favorites is this one...

From the East unto the West (Ode 26)

©Duhan/Schreiner/ The Odes Project

I poured out all praise to the Lord
Because I am his own
I will sing His holy song
For my heart is with Him alone

All I need is to trust and to rest
To be satisfied in Him
Like the water from a stream
Bringing grace to the ones who seek it

From the East unto the West
From the South unto the North
From the summits and the crests
Our thanksgiving is poured forth

Blessing and honor and glory to You Blessing and honor and glory to You
Father Son and Holy Spirit Father Son and Holy Spirit
How can I express the wonders of God
When perfection is in Him
I can only be amazed
And thank Him with all of my heart
All I need is to trust and to rest
To be satisfied in Him
Like the water from a stream
Bringing grace to the ones who seek it

Blessing and honor and glory to You Blessing and honor and glory to You
Father Son and Holy Spirit Father Son and Holy Spirit
One God forever and ever

Please visit The Ode Project website where you can read all the lyrics to these 42 odes.  Music wasn't discovered with the odes, just lyrics.  Here you can listen to samples of the odes put to music and actually purchase CDs.  Take some time to browse around this site and let it all sink in.  What wonderful prayers and meditations these fresh and early words of worship will be for you and I.

During this week of Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful for these texts.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

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  1. Beautiful expressions of faith! I had not heard of the Odes Project. I'm so glad you shared it.

    If I don't talk to you before Thursday, have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. I am thankful for time! When I think about what we have in America I think first of the gift of time--machines that do things for us give us time to do other things, efficient transportation gives us time to do other things, the Internet makes so many things possible giving me time to do other things. When I feel like I don't have time for something, I realize how fooled I am. We have more time than we realize . . .
    Happy Thanksgiving, THHP!

  3. Wow! I had never heard of these before! Thank you so much for sharing! I will check out the site! Also, I am especially thankful for my husband! I don't deserve his love, and he is such a picture of Christ to me! I feel like the most blessed of women!
    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family!
    Megan Jenelle

  4. I'm thankful for moments that lift my soul....quiet times reading my Bible, breakfast with friends, grandchildren in my car on the way to the orthodontist, telephone conversations with a beloved child who is no longer a child, walks in my neighborhood. I'm thankful that God has given me 46 years with my husband and a heart that is still able to love and a mind that knows it loves. I'm thankful for clean water, a warm bed and a filled tummy. So much...blessings, marlene

  5. Our power has been out for days...the water is gone too (we are on a well) and everything is frozen over. I am thankful for packing up the kids (the husband will b here later) and checking into a hotel. HEAT.AND.SHOWERS.ARE.AWESOME.

  6. I've never heard of these before. But, how fascinating and inspiring! We had a leadership conference at our church last week and on Sunday one of the apostolic leaders of the church spoke. He made several historical references to the early church and it really sparked my interest in exploring more. This is just the kind of thing I find so interesting.

    By the way, thanks for your kind words you left at my blog today. :) You made me smile.

    May you and your family also have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  7. Absolutely beautiful and totally inspiring!

  8. Beautiful!

    I am thankful for the country I live in where at this present time I can worship and pray to my Lord without being put in jail or beaten.

  9. Thankyou for sharing! This is beautiful & how amazing to think that Christians where praising God with these words so long ago.
    Looking forward to following your link


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