Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Updates, Odds & Ends

1) Late the other evening, as I was pulling into the driveway, my head lights shone on the back of the hen house.  The door was open and I could see a flash light or head lamp flickering around in there.  I just figured Jamey had gone out to collect eggs later than usual.  As I opened the van door, though, I heard, "Whack.  Whack, whack, whack!"  

Come to find out our chickens aren't getting ready to molt as we expected.  We've been getting less eggs because opossums have been eating them.  It's our fault really- for not collecting the eggs every day- leaving them out overnight as a regular smorgasbord for the local opossum population.  Who knows how many they have eaten- we've been noticing less eggs for weeks.  Jamey's most recent facebook status reads, "Egg-stealing possum death toll reaches 3".  Thanks, dear, for doing a job you hate.

2) The other night I made opossum chili for supper.  Ha!  If you could have seen the look on your face!  Not opossum, beef chili.  I used Deb's recipe which you can find here.  It was excellent.  The only changes I made were that I used 1 pound of ground beef (versus 3), I added two cups of frozen corn, and I cut back on the chili powder and cut out the dried red pepper flakes all together (for the kids' sake).

I was going to make Double Corn Bread to serve with it, but that morning Jamey made his oatmeal rolls- they looked so yummy and fresh that we just ate the chili with the rolls instead.  I would highly recommend trying this cornbread, though.  It's my favorite...

Double Corn Bread (Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2001)
Yields 6 servings (in an 8 x 8 pan)

1 cup flour
1 cup yellow cornmeal
2 tbsp. sugar
2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 cup buttermilk
1/2 cup corn (thawed frozen is fine)
1/2 cup diced red bell pepper
4 tbsp. butter, melted
1 large egg, lightly beaten

Combine flour and next five ingredients in a large bowl.  Make a well in the mixture and set aside.  In another bowl, whisk the buttermilk and remaining ingredients.  Add the wet ingredients to the dry and stir until dry ingredients are moist.  Spread into a greased 8 x 8 baking pan and bake at 425 degrees for 15-20 or until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean.  Let stand 10 minutes and serve.

3)  I am all in a tizzy (a good tizzy) because my hopes have been confirmed- Jamey's new rotation hours will get him home in time for dinner!!  I am all ready with a list of recipes to try or re-make that I can then share with you- if they measure up, that is.  All I can say is:  Stay.  Tuned.

4) Things with Sam and school have gone so much better this past week.  I think he just had to get it out of his system.  The expectations are clear and I think we've fallen into a good groove.  As a reward for a good attitude during the week, on Thursday afternoons (our Friday afternoon) they now get to watch a video.  No frivolous entertainment here, though.  I'm talking documentaries having to do with what we're studying.  This past week it was one of IMAX's movies on whales (we're studying them in science right now).  It seems to be a good motivator and fun way to celebrate a week of work done well.

5) It rained this past week!  And rained and rained and rained.  To think that just last weekend the land was so parched a brush fire spread like lightening.  This week the grass is green, I tell you, and we may even have to think about mowing one more time.

6) I still have this sensation regularly.  It's not going away.  I'm doing much better these days at trusting there is a reason behind it that will be revealed to me one day.  For now, I am just doing my best to trust.  To be still and know that He is God.  That is enough for now. Pin It


  1. At least the opposums aren't eating your chickens! We've been getting fewer eggs too & we discovered our chickens are hiding the eggs in a space in the coop that the kids can't reach (the egg collection/chicken feeding is one of their chores).

    You know, I've had that 'sensation' lately too...much to my husband's dismay. But, as you said only time will tell what plan God may yet have for us.

    By the way, I really like your new profile picture. Your hair looks like it's getting really long!

  2. Now I'm craving cornbread...think I'll make chili for dinner! And no...NOT opossum! I actually use stew meat which is so good in chili.

    ps...I like your new picture! Your hair is getting long...xo

  3. We've been so blessed that my hubby's rotations are close enough to home that he is home for dinner every night. Two exceptions where he'll be gone the entire 5 weeks and only home on weekends. Thankfully they're spaced far enough apart! Meal time is a special time spent as a family and it's such a blessing to be able to have it.

    I too have had that sensation. Not as of late, but definitely have had it before. We can't have more biological children, but we've both had that feeling that there is someone out there waiting for us. Maybe that feeling is God's way of preparing the way? Or maybe not.

  4. I've been meaning to ask you about critters and their impact on food production. This year squirrels and groundhogs runined our harvest of tomatoes and groundhogs and we live in the middle of the suburbs. It makes me so grumpy.

    And I know all about that sensation--I have such personal feelings about it having struggled with infertility. I count it as a blessing to know that my heart is still open to that possibility.

  5. Cute new pic of you in the sidebar!

    I read your sensation post from back in February. I have had that happen before. We have 4 but are considering adoption. Anyway, I guess I just wanted to say that I feel for you because some of those same questions are on my mind.

  6. So glad you were able to find the egg- stealers & deal with them.
    I enjoyed this post-it was nice getting to know you a little better!
    Have a wonderful day

  7. I don't know...I was kind of curious about Opossum Chili!

  8. Honestly, it would not surprise me if you were eating possum chili. Our neighbors ran over their pet chicken a few months back then just turned poor Bob into soup :) God provides!



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