Friday, October 1, 2010

A New Tradition

Christmas is coming.

Tell me.  What was your initial gut-reaction when you read that?  Okay, you don't have to tell me- just think about it.

Was it awe over the miracle of God sending His Son to earth?  Our earth?  And all that this meant for us?  The forgiveness, the redemption, the salvation, the opportunity to get to know the Father through the Son?

Or, was it...Oh.  My.  Word.  Only three months to bake, shop, send cards, think of gift ideas, figure out where the money will come from, which parties to attend, decorate, wrap presents, bake cookies, pack, travel, beat the crowds, find a parking space, find the perfect gift, not be disappointed when I don't get the perfect gift, hang the stockings, light the tree, tie the tree so it doesn't fall over, get the perfect photo of the kids, buy Christmas outfits, get everyone a haircut, host a party, run up our credit cards, go over our budget, shop online in your sleep.... 

Take a deeeeeeeep breath.

Now, please do me a quick little favor.  Click here.  Look to the right side of the screen and push play (the sideways triangle button).  Make sure your volume isn't on mute.  Sit back and watch (it's safe for your kids to watch with you).

Ask yourself what your new tradition might be.  Living simply in order to give.  It seems only right that it's applied to Advent, too. Pin It


  1. beautiful...

    my gut reaction was a warm feeling simply because after last year I decided to choose joy over chaos over Christmas.

    This is just a lovely reminder for me.
    Thank You.
    Thank You.

  2. It's a great video. We watched it several times last year. It helps to set the appropriate tone.

  3. I like the "new tradition"... I like that you're starting this "challenge" now and not waiting until Dec 15th to start thinking about it.
    we started thinking this way last year at Christmas and decided to draw names in our families rather than get a present for each person on each side of the family. It already feels less overwhelming. The prospect of not spending so much is exciting as we'll have more money to give to those who have actual needs during the holidays!

  4. I read your post earlier today and finally had a chance to come back and watch the video from the link. It sounds so wonderful! My soul swelled in agreement. Now, how do I get my family on board?

  5. Yes, living simply is about this too! I enjoyed the link you provided. We already keep things simple. Now to seek out ways to practically be of help to a Christ-centred way. :)

    Thank you!
    Have a great weekend!

    In Him,

  6. That IS Great! Really Wonderful! The Greatest Gift is that Jesus died on the cross for ALL of humanitys sins...Thank you for this!!! Im going back to the site to read more...ox

  7. Just found your blog today ~ I love this concept and something we have been/are striving for in our home. I shared this post and the links on my blog today! donna


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