Friday, September 24, 2010

Lorelei Eurto Winner!

I just knew you all would love Lorelei's work as much as I do!  Before I announce the winner, here are a couple more glimpses of her work.  Click on "Links" at the left of her web page to be taken to her online shops.

Okay, now, we have to take one more look at the bracelet that one lucky reader will win...


And the winner is...  

Amy @ Homestead Revival 

Congratulations, Amy !!!  

Please email me ( your name and address so I can forward this information on to Lorelei.  Thank you to all those who entered and a special thank you to Lorelei!

All photos courtesy of Lorelei.  The attempt at a collage? That would be me.
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  1. Thank you for hosting such a cool giveaway! I hope to do this again sometime soon!

    p.s. I just did a tutorial for making collages for tomorrows post at Art Bead Scene!

  2. OH!! I nearly jumped clean out of my chair!! Thank you, thank you to you both!! I'm so excited!

  3. Thank you for giving your readers a chance at this lovely giveaway. I have been introduced to some lovely jewlry...and my birthday is coming up.{wink}

    what a lovely bracelet!

  4. Yay Amy! I know you will LOVE your new bracelet :)

  5. What a neat giveaway!!!! I'll have to come up with something for you to giveaway closer to December :)


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