Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Eye of the Beholder

Our garden doesn't look so neat and tidy anymore.


It's more like a jungle.  Weeds have been persistent.  Many have worn us down to the point that we've let them take up residence.  While to many of you this may look less than lovely, to me it is beautiful.  Not because I like weeds or untidy things, but because it means I am almost done preserving!!

Can you hear the alleluia chorus?!  I can.  Loud and clear.

There are a few things still alive and relatively well taken care of in the garden.

The stevia is patiently waiting to be harvested, dried and crushed into a powder.  Would you be patiently waiting if you knew that was coming?  Fall spinach is slowly coming up on the right.

What is left of the basil has gone to seed and flower, drawing butterflies and bees.

While the peppers are clearly in need of some water, they are still ripening nicely.  We've been harvesting and freezing peppers for awhile now.

 Sweet potatoes vines.

 Our fall lettuce is coming up nicely and it's so wonderful to be eating salads again- this time with tomatoes!!

 The back garden is pretty much done- except for some onions, leeks, depressed sunflowers waiting to dry and be harvested for the chickens to eat this winter (to the left) and another newly started bed of spinach (off to the right).  Since much of it is done, it got a nice, heavy coat of straw for the winter to help prepare it for next spring.

The only things left to do this year are...

1) Can concord grape jam.

2) Continue roasting tomatoes.  A few more batches and I should be done.

3) Harvest what's left in the garden as it's ready- tomatoes, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, some remaining onions, stevia (to dry) and herbs (to freeze). 

4) Cover the carrots and leeks snugly with straw so we can see how well they winter over.  We're going to try pulling them from the ground as we need them this winter.

5) Pick the pears off our lone pear tree.  Depending on the state they're in, we may can them.  Otherwise, we'll just eat them.

6) Make copious amounts of applesauce (our trees are too young to produce for us, so we have to buy them).

7) Watch the remainder of our red raspberries dry up since it's been real dry here.  Again.

8) Eat fresh fall spinach and lettuce as they come up.

It all seems so momentous in the spring, but the finale that is fall and winter is more of a dwindling.  It's just as exciting, though, because it means all the long days on my feet in the kitchen are over.

I thank God for the change in seasons.  I can't imagine life with only one.  Or two.  Or three.  It's just right as it is. Pin It


  1. Did you see my facebook status I put up last night? I wrote something about NOT loving the change of seasons! Help me to appreciate it!!

  2. Sweet potatoes, you are so lucky...I love sweet potatoes. Your fall lettuce is looking good, way ahead of mine and just look at all that great ground cover going into fall. Good job on all the canning, we are still slowly processing our stuff as it ripens. Have fun with the stevia, wish I would have grown some this year...or maybe not, it might have been too cold for it.

    Oh, guess what? I asked you about your wineberries a while back and you must have sent the wineberry fairy my way because I found a whole mess of them growing up in the woods and transplaneted a few into our garden a couple weeks ago..I even had a ripe berry off one of them.:)

  3. I like the end of the season, too...looking forward to cold weather.

    So I keep wondering...when your husband goes to work full-time will be continue to garden at this rate?

  4. We tried Sweet Potatoes for the first time this year. Ours look like yours in the picture which is reassuring. I hope they actually produce something.

    Do you save some tubers to replant for next year or do you buy seedlings?

    We just planted our fall lettuce last night...praying for an Indian Summer!

  5. Menno Jeweler, I guarantee that if you grow a big garden and can all summer with no air conditioning, you will appreciate fall:-). And, the colors! Oh, the colors of fall are spectacular:-). I'll do my best to bring you around!

    Mr. H, That's awesome about the wineberries. Look out- they can spread. But, it's a good problem:-).

    Michelle, Good question! Yes, we think that we can keep things up once he's working a regular, full time job. He has recently had several weeks off, but earlier this spring and summer, he was full time (rotations).

    Alisa, Every year we try to start our own sweet potato plants from some of our sweet potatoes (the whole potato suspended by toothpicks over/in water technique). Some years this has worked and been enough and other years we had to buy slips. We are hoping to try a different method of growing our own slips next year (planting sweet potatoes shallowly in cold frames in the early spring, then transplanting the sprouts as separate plants). I'll let you all know if it worked:-).

  6. I too am really excited about fall and it's arrival soon. Your garden looks like it's been very good to you this year!

  7. The seasons are truly a blessing. You have said it well!

  8. Hooray for the end of harvesting. I'm sure you are breathing out such a contented sigh :)


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