Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What to Do With Peaches: Part 1

It's back to the real world, folks.  No more of this cushy-long-weekend-relaxation business.  It's peach time.

Lord, have mercy.

In the office.

1.  Find enough surfaces throughout the house to spread the peaches (ours are Red Haven) on so they can ripen to perfection.  This "perfection" is allusive.  It's very frustrating, if you ask me.  I almost always start dealing with them when they aren't ripe enough or when they're too ripe.  It's hard to get it right the more you buy.  You would think I would have learned from this by now.

On the treadmill in our bedroom. Waking up to the smell of peaches?  Divine.

2.  Have family members on call to swoop in and help you deal with it all since you placed one large order together and it's so much more fun getting all peachy and sticky together.

Sharing our school table with tomatoes in the dining room.

3.  Make a list of everything you want to do with your peaches so that you don't inadvertently shove all of them into your mouth before you've done everything you want to do with them.  Here's my list, in order... canned peaches, peach jam, peach salsa, and chopped frozen peaches (for baked oatmeal).

I wonder when our dining room will just be our dining room again....

4.  Make another list.  This one of dishes you want to make while the peaches are in your house so you do not inadvertently (I'm digging this word today) can/jam/salsa/freeze/shove them into your mouth before you've had your chance.  Here are some mom's peach pie, my Grandma's Southern Style Peach Cobbler, Ginger Chicken with Peaches and Onions, and Peach Frozen Yogurt.

5.  Continue your list another day because those 4 bushels of peaches are ripe and you've got calls to make and work to do.

To be continued... Pin It


  1. I'm soooo glad mine are done. Not to rub it in your face or anything....

  2. Oh, my. I'm so glad you're one week ahead of me (my first box will be here Saturday from the farmers in the valley below), although I got just a few this week. One minute they were under ripe and the next, they were getting all wrinkly and soft. I'm making my list now! (Oh, and I'm headed to your recipes for that Peach Salsa. If it's not there, I do hope you will post it between batches!)

  3. Amy, I'm making the Peach Salsa on Friday, so will likely get around to posting about it (including the recipe) early next week:-).

  4. My favorite is how you've covered up your treadmill. What a great excuse not to exercise!

  5. the tyranny of the produce, I tell you. I was startled to realize that I'm going to have to do tomatoes next week - this is the glut, says my farmer. So I'm gearing up. My peaches are behind me, but I do a measly half bushel :)

  6. What yummy yummy peachie pictures. My mouth is watering!! I remember seeing tons of peaches like that when I lived in Georgia. Peaches contribute a lot to the joy of summer, don't you think. There may be work to save and use them all, but it will be worth it!!

  7. They're beautiful...and quite shapely. Must be the treadmill!!

    (And...just so you know...I DO most certainly feel your prayers for me and for Belgium. Thank you...xo)

  8. Oh wow! So many peaches! Did you grow these? This is what happened to our peach tree.

  9. meemsnyc, I'm so sorry about your peaches:-(. We do have four 3-(or is it 4?) year-old peach trees and for the first time we got peaches from them (about 50), but these aren't them. We ordered these from a nearby orchard.

  10. Hi,
    Made peach jam for the first time yesterday and still did not set..Any ideas? HELP???
    Love your blog!!

  11. Trace4J, I'm not sure what pectin you used, but in the instructions that come with boxes of Sure Jell they tell you what to do if you're jam doesn't set. Here is the link for their online instructions on remaking cooked jam that hasn't set (this is not for no sugar needed cooked jams, just regular cooked jams)...

    Hope this helps!


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