Monday, August 30, 2010

Seek and Ye Shall Find

This has been a very full summer, but not just in regards to all the food we have been putting up.  There has been something going on behind the scenes for me.

I've been seeking.

Earlier this spring and summer, I began to feel unsettled.  As if there could be more.  As if I was missing something.  I didn't want my life to change as it was, per se.  I wanted to add something to it- a different kind of purpose.

So, I began praying and God started opening doors.

I was reminded of the book Revolution in World Missions that I had read a couple years ago and I felt convicted to share that book with you here (our reading of it is still ongoing).  Re-reading it has been powerful.  After I shared one morning in Sunday School, a woman came up to me and told me about a class that was being offered at a local university on world missions, so I signed up and I start that class tomorrow night.  Some of you recommended I read Elisabeth Elliot, so at the beach I read These Strange Ashes.  I stumbled upon Beth Moore's video series, "Do Not Throw Away Your Confidence" (here) and have been watching her talks, feeling my confidence grow.  I discovered Katie and Renee and have been changed forever.  A friend invited me to go with her to see Beth Moore speak.  I just got back.  Wow.  I'll write more about this soon.

The combination of all these events, past and pending, as well as some major Spirit motion going on inside my head and heart has left me overwhelmed, but in an awe-struck and incredibly excited kind of way.

I asked for direction and I believe it is being given to me.

In light of this, I am thinking of taking this blog is a slightly new direction.  Don't be scared- I'm trying not to be.  It would be very much the same, but with added purpose.  At least that will be my goal.  If you believe in the power of prayer, please pray for me as I discern how to do this in a way that is true to the direction I feel lead.  I don't want to compromise out of fear I might lose readers or embarrass myself in some way.  If I lose every single one of you, but have stayed true to my convictions, I will have peace. 

So, stay tuned.  If the Spirit says "move", I will move and you'll hear about it.

There is one more thing.

If you're feeling unsettled or a little empty these days, I highly recommend seeking. Pin It


  1. This post came at a turning point for me. Thank-you for your encouragement to seek, and it's beautiful to hear that you feel you've opened yourself to God and are being led. Prayers!

  2. I am excited for you in seeking new directions and purpose! Looking forward to hearing about your weekend away and hearing Beth Moore speak.

  3. I'll follow you wherever you go! Follow your heart.

  4. Hello, I have only been reading your blog for about a month and I havent really posted anything yet. I love your blog and I actually got the world mission book because you suggested it here. I am not reading it with your group because I am currently reading two other books right now but I plan on reading it soon. I just wanted to tell you, not that it would mean much coming from a stranger, the most important thing you can do is follow your heart. If you can lie down at the end of the day and still like yourself or love yourself better then you are doing the right thing no matter what anybody says. I used to be the person who would dictate my actions by what other people said because I was to afraid to be myself and loose everyone. I find once you be yourself you find better friends and the ones you had that were worth while stay with you. Thanks for writing such a great blog. Im sorry my post was so long.

  5. Unsettled is exactly how I have been feeling lately--thank you for the wonderful reminder to seek, it is coming at the perfect time. I can't wait to see what direction you will go, I have no doubt that I will continue to enjoy what you share here. :)

  6. We are both looking forward to hearing more about all of the interesting aspects of your lives whether they be religious or farm related.:)

  7. I've been feeling that way a little bit too. I am excited to hear about what God is going to do in your life!

  8. " If I lose every single one of you, but have stayed true to my convictions, I will have peace."

    Amen and amen...THIS is how, I believe, Jesus meant for it to be. Follow Him...that's the only "Following" necessary. When I began talking more about Belgium and posting fewer pictures people stopped "following". At first, I was a made me think. THEN I thought, "too bad"! This is ME...this is who I am...this is what I'm doing. It's imperative that we stay focused...stay the course...stay on that straight and narrow path.

    Praying for you sweet girl...this is a GOOD thing...a God inspired thing...of Him...and becuase of that, people will be blessed.


  9. YES!! Follow HIM in every aspect of life and you will NEVER be sorry you did! How precious to belong to HIM and be led of HIM...onward and upward! Keep sharing your heart. You write beautifully and it is lovely to "know" you! :)

    Jeremiah 29:11-14a

  10. I'm excited to see where this goes. #1 I think you are AWESOME... #2 I see you working with children... I think you just have that gift inside of you.

  11. I missed this post because I barely could crawl out of bed Sunday. But so glad I came back to read it. I have gotten the impression that you do not do anything without thinking it through very carefully - that you are not impulsive. So if God is prompting you, keep obeying each step He places before you! And I pray that He makes each of those steps crystal clear.


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