Monday, July 26, 2010

Let the Real Summer Begin

Well, it's certainly been hot enough to feel like summer.  We've been out of school for almost two months.  We've seen the asparagus, peas, strawberries and green beans come and go.  We're eating corn and tomatoes, local cantaloupe and watermelon.  The reason summer is officially starting for us now?

Because Jamey is home.  This past weekend started his "off" block of rotations.  He has five weeks at home.  With us.  This is one (and possibly the only) benefit to having no job and living off student loans.  Well, other than him getting an education, of course.

 My Sadie girl

We spent his first day off with family, across state lines at our favorite escape.  The weather was warm, but lovely.  The thunderstorms that showed themselves on the forecast came no where near us.

 Can you tell I wear flip flops all summer?

We swam, visited, went for walks, did a little rock climbing and ate good food.  The kids spent the whole day in the water.

 My Miriam girl

Miriam met sand for the first time on the man-made beach and did great.  Sam learned to swim.  It was a great day.

Lunch and dinner: fresh fruit, macaroni salad, chips, PB & J for the kids, hummus, tabouli, and flat bread for the grown-ups and the most amazing peanut butter cookies (not pictured, recipe to follow soon)

Jamey and I have a list to tackle while he's home.  We need to fit in our projects amidst a couple planned family vacations.  I am thrilled to have some help as we are watching tomatoes ripen and as we await the call to pick up our peaches and nectarines.  These five weeks are going to go fast.  When they're over much of our food for the year will be put up and we'll be starting school.  I'm just hoping the rest of the summer takes it's good old timing in passing.

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  1. LOVING your lake pictures. I can't believe how big Miriam is getting, but yet at the same time is still a baby. It makes me miss that little baby stage!

    Very happy for you that you have Jamey home with you for FIVE WEEKS!!!

  2. What precious memories. My feet have the similar markings but those of a full sandal. I can't do flip-flops *sigh*. I have defective feet. lol
    Enjoy, stay cool, keep sharing those yummy picts!

  3. What a GLORIOUS DAY at the lake! Does it get any better? I still have memories of my family going to the river and tubing, eating our picnic lunches, hanging out with the cousins...

    We just finished swim team this weekend as well as picking ollalieberries at the farm, and like you, I think my summer has finally begun! We're headed up to the Napa Valley tomorrow to check out a culinary school for my daughter - a real foodie vacation. Then back home to NOTHING ON THE CALENDAR (YEAH!) except to pick raspberries when they come on and to putter in my garden and get projects done. I hope August lasts a LONG time!
    Enjoy your time together as a family!

  4. What a beautiful day! We love hummous at our picnics, too! Farmer @

  5. Congrats on starting your "real" summer! I hope you guys have lots of fun and create lots of wonderful memories! Looks like you've gotten off to a good start!

  6. Looks like a great day...I love Miriam's hair..;)

  7. I miss college days when my husband had multiple weeks off at a time. Enjoy!


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