Saturday, June 19, 2010

Still Swagging Strong

 (Occasionally, I blog about swag bucks on Saturdays.  Feel free to ignore me if you want.)

Swagging sounds a little like swaggering to me and that makes me feel a little tough.  Like, hey, look at me, tough girl that I am... I'm earning free amazon gift cards. Take that.

Now, if you search with swag bucks, this is what you love to see...

I've been so busy with the produce coming in from the garden, the kids, the laundry, etc., that I barely have time to give swag bucks a thought.  You know what?  I don't even have to!  I just go about my normal daily business checking email, looking up things I want to learn about, recipes I want to try and I am pleasantly surprised by these little boxes that pop up now and again and tell me I've won swag bucks.

I am fully in the habit of searching with swag bucks for everything, even having bookmarked swag buck searches that lead me to my favorite sites.  By doing this, I'm really not even thinking about swag bucks until I'm faced with a win.  Talk about easy.  I do try to remember to do the daily poll, but I've given up looking for codes for now.  Not because it's hard- just because there is not enough room in my brain right now.  It fills to capacity fairly quickly.

So, there you have it.  Thanks to swag bucks and thanks to all of you who have signed up with me, I have $125 in Amazon gift cards to use towards Christmas gifts so far.  Not too shabby indeed.

Being too busy is no excuse not to earn swag bucks.  I'm living proof:-).

Sign up here.

Want to learn more about swag bucks?  Check out my previous posts where I explain how it works and tips for searching.
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  1. I have $20 in Amazon gift cards so far - in about a month, I think. Not too bad! I'll take any free stuff I can get! Thanks for introducing me to this! :-)


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