Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just a Heads Up

Occasionally, on Saturdays, I will be posting about swag bucks.  If you want nothing to do with them, that is A-OK.  I don't want you to read something that means nothing to you, so click away and I will see you on Monday.  Have a wonderful weekend in the meantime:-).

After One Week of Swag Bucks...

It's been a little over a week since I joined swag bucks (if you have no idea what I'm talking about read this first, then come back) and so far I have earned 1,871 swag bucks (1800 of which I've already redeemed for $20 in e-gift cards to spend as I please).  If you've signed up already and are curious as to what I am doing or if you're on the fence about joining, here is some more information for you.

Before I begin, let me remind you that swag bucks is free, there is no obligation to buy anything and no penalty for giving up on it if you hate it.

That said, here is what I've done this week...

1) After signing up, I downloaded the toolbar (Go to, log in and click on "Toolbars" at the top).  It takes up a half inch strip of space at the top of your screen.  I was hoping they had something like this because if there wasn't an easy place for me to search, I knew I'd forget to search swag bucks.  I have been doing on line searches just like normal, just in the swag bucks window.

If you try to search more often, it doesn't help you.  In fact, that can keep you from winning.  I like this feature because it takes off the pressure to search, search, search.  Don't, don't, don't!  With normal searching, I have been winning between 20 and 50 swag bucks a day (just by searching).  You won't win every time, or every day, but don't be discouraged. I've found that searching 3-5 times in the morning (then stopping for a couple hours), again in the afternoon (then stopping for a couple hours) and again in the evening before bed gives me at least a couple wins a day.

2)  At first I went hog wild and also signed up for a bunch of special offers (look under "Ways to Earn" at the top of the website for "Special Offers") that earned me swag bucks (getting e-newsletters, watching short promotional videos, etc.).  These are all well and good and do give your swag buck account a boost, but they aren't necessary. In fact, the only special offers I do anymore are watching short video clips when they pop up on the homepage (scroll part way down- they can be found between the two yellow arrows when they are available).  I also answer the daily poll question (under "Ways to Earn", click on "Daily Polls") which earns you 1 swag buck.  I also look for the swag code when I think about it (to learn about swag codes, click here, and click on the "swag code" tab).

3) I told my friends about it, including you!  When someone signs up because of you, you earn bucks along  with them when they win on searches (up to 1000 swag bucks).  Just make sure they sign up with your unique link.  You can find this by logging in to and then clicking on the purple "Promote" link along the left hand side.  This will give you your "referral link".  That is the link your friends should use to sign up.

If you feel weird telling your friends about it, don't!  You can still earn swag bucks just through searching.  You will earn swag bucks a little slower- but they are still swag bucks and can be traded in.  Maybe once you've cashed in for a couple gift cards, you'll feel more confident sharing swag bucks with friends.  But, it's up to you.  If you want, it can be your little secret:-).

So, that's it!  Ready to sign up?  Once you do, make it a habit to search in your swag bucks window.  You won't win swag bucks if you don't search!  And, if you want, tell a couple people about it and watch your swag bucks grow:-).

One more thing.  It's corny, but you're going to really start liking this guy's face.  I'm just warning you.

And, I highly recommend reading up on some really helpful tips and rules that you need to know about.  This site and this page are excellent places to start.
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  1. I'm going to be away from my computer for most of the day. I'll publish comments and any questions you may have this evening. Happy Saturday!!

  2. Great Post. It really is that easy... and it's fun too!

  3. I found out about this from your post and tried to sign up under your by clicking on the link in your previous blog...I hope they gave you credit. I am just starting to figure this out and have only 276 SB's since I started. I got my daughter and niece to sign up and my niece is doing better than me! I do really well on the Midnight SB thing...I got 15, 8, 15 back to back within 5 minutes!! It's actually pretty fun and I'm glad that you are posting about it here and there! Thanks for introducing me to it...Good luck!

  4. BTW, there's a great Skin Care survey on the homepage worth 114 SB...I did it, clicked on my email link, logged out (of SB) and when I logged back in they were there!! Some people were credited immediately, mine took about 20 min. Good Luck!!

  5. Mary, It sounds like you're doing great! 38 SB in one day (let alone in 5 minutes!) is really good. Thanks for the tip about the skin care survey!


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