Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Taking Care of Business

Today we are taking care of business.

First of all, I just have to show you this.  I try to be humble, I do.  But you know what?  The first green vegetable makes me a little proud and a little giddy.

Secondly, go check out the answers to the Annual Name That Sprout Quiz.  Thanks to all who played.  You're such good sports.  Mr. H had the most answers correct (10 out of 12!).  Congratulations, Mr. H!!  If you haven't yet, you must visit his blog.  Prepare to be utterly impressed.  I must give an honorable mention to Stephanie.  She may have only guessed one sprout but, with that guess, she was the only one who guessed correctly that #12 is stevia.  We learned a bit late that stevia is difficult to start from seed, so we'll be buying some stevia plants this year.  Stephanie obviously knew this (or she's just a really good guesser)- either way, way to go:-)!

The third thing I want to mention today is that we added a new installment to our Vegetable Gardening 101 Page.  It's time to move some of our plants outside and our tutorial provides you with the information you need to take this next step (scroll all the way down the VG 101 page to the bottom).  Don't be frightened by our cold frame below- you do NOT need one of these.

And, lastly, I want to show you a little something.  Below is a picture of one of our side yards.  Something is going to happen here over the next few weeks.  Want to guess what it will be?  All I'll tell you now is that I am super excited about it.  Super.  Excited.  You'll never guess.  Unless you know.  Then please don't guess.

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  1. Ooooooh, my mouth is watering looking at that bunch of asparagus on your counter. I LOOOOOVE asaparagus and would eat it morning, noon and night if I had enough of it! Now I am off to check out Mr. H's blog

  2. Hmmmm...the "next few weeks" thing has me stumped. A pool? A patio? No idea.

  3. I guess a swimming pool! But then... with your very careful-with-the-children tendencies, I'm not so sure...

  4. do you have any blog recommendations for veggie gardening in georgia?

  5. A duck pond?
    A wheat patch?
    Or perhaps... an herb garden?

  6. The Popes, We don't live as far south as Georgia, so I can't speak from experience. A quick google search found this Georgia gardener you may want to check out...

  7. Ooh a herb garden sounds like a splendid idea!

  8. the risk of guessing wrong this time and losing my status as "good guesser", I'm going to say - a greenhouse? It looks like a nice sunny location for one and is something I'd be Super. Excited. about...

    FYI: Stevia was just a good (educated) guess. I know nothing about it except that it's the one new thing you're trying and - from experience - new stuff usually comes with a steep learning curve. ;)

    Your asparagus is making me wish I'd started a patch years ago...

  9. Stephanie's a genius (with an awesome blog!)! Why didn't I think of that? May I change my vote to greenhouse? :-)

  10. ok. I'm on the edge of my gardening stool, waiting to know.
    have some new beds waiting on me at our new/temp homestead. Are you going to do an e-book on your ideas!?

  11. Judging by the stake I see in the ground I bet you are putting an addition onto your house, including a very sunny sun porch.

    Aunt V.

  12. I'm thinking perhaps a greenhouse, though maybe you're putting in a track for racing souped-up remote-controlled cars. It's a toss-up, I'd say.


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