Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Please Do Me This Favor

Overwhelmed.  I get so overwhelmed by the needs of this world.  Thinking about all the hurting, hungry people, both children and adults, just makes my heart ache to the point of bursting.

What soothes my heart, my heart that is currently stationed just outside of cushy suburban U. S. of A., is reading about people like Katie.  I've had a little link to her site on the right hand of this blog for awhile now.  She inspires me.  She energizes me.  She makes me want to do more, pray more, feel more.

Please do me this favor.  Please click here and read her latest post. If you feel as inclined as I did, please click on the link at the bottom of her post as well.  Katie tells her extraordinary story of how she found herself in Uganda here.  For many of us, Katie's type of service seems unimaginable to you and I where we are today.  For now, let's pray for the people of Uganda and support Katie.

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  1. I'm on my way to read right now...she's an amazing young woman...xo

  2. What an inspiring story. It really struck me when she said that we choose comfort. It's so true. There is something I would love to do right now, but I know it would bring my level of comfort way down.

    Oh man.

  3. I found Katie's blog from the link on your page shortly after I started reading your lovely blog (maybe a couple of months ago). And I weep every single time I read an entry. And feel called to action, and yet paralyzed at the same time (it's a big topic, one that I won't get into here, but one that I tackle in my blog...if I had a blog). But God bless Katie for all the good she is doing! Thank you for sharing!


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