Thursday, April 8, 2010

Homemade Baby Food: Stage Two to Three

Are you so sick of hearing about and looking at pictures of baby food?  I'm sorry if you are.  I just have a few more posts on the subject, then I'll stop.  I just keep thinking about how it's taken me three children to figure this all out completely.  I made some of Sam's food, most of Sadie's and I am currently making all of Miriam's (she's never tasted store bought baby food).

I really wish I had found books and friends way back when that showed me how to do it, what to make and to tell me it was easy and a great way to get my kids to eat the food you want them to learn to love.  I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but Sam is my pickiest eater and Sadie will eat almost anything.  Time will tell what Miriam will do.  In the meantime, I want to be that resource for you.  I want you to see that it's easy.  I want to give you ideas so maybe, just maybe, you'll catch on to this a lot faster than I did.

Homemade Baby Food:  Stage One
Homemade Baby Food: Stage Two


Miss. Miriam gobbled up the first batch of stage two baby food I made for her, so I invented stage two to three (with inspiration from Top 100 Baby Food Purees).  She only has three teeth currently and while she's getting very good at gumming the chunkier food, she's not ready for big pieces.  I introduced some new flavors and blended some of them a bit less and she's taken it all in stride.  Below are some pictures of what she's eating these days (along with a LOT of applesauce) at almost 10 months of age (and almost crawling!).

Brown rice, carrots and peas.

Lentils, sweet potatoes and apple.

Oatmeal, peaches and blueberries.

Baby food ready for the freezer (once frozen, the cubes are popped out into bags or containers, ready for use).

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  1. MM looks so yummy.. I don't have little babies anymore but these tips would be good for herbs,garden veges and pesto type leftovers!!
    Have a Blessed Day you are such an awesome Momma!!!

  2. I'm alot like you in this respect- I wish I had known about this alot earlier! I never made baby food with my first, made some with my second, and am just now getting away from commercial baby food with my 3rd. Its taken me all this time to pay attention to the labels on the baby food. Since then, we use Beech Nut, because you know what all the ingredients are, as opposed to Gerber (which is what my other two were fed). Thanks for this! As soon as we get settled, I will be trying this out on my 8 month old.

  3. I'm so glad you have shared this. I don't have any babies yet, but when I do, I totally want to try making their food.

  4. I'm not sick of the homemade baby food posts at all!! I started making my own baby food with #2. I learned actually through an old Martha Stewart baby magazine..still have it. Now, baby #4 who is about your Miriam's age...won't eat a thing! He just wants to nurse. I have plenty of food in the ice trays...won't touch any of it. Still no teeth and no where near crawling! I picked up a great baby food book a while back also...Organic Baby and Toddler Lizzie Vann.

  5. My boys are 12 and 14, obviously I have no use for fresh homemade baby food. But I LOVE to read about it! AND...I love to pass the info along to young mothers at church who don't know how easy it is and how much better it is than the stuff at the grocery store. If I could do it over again, I would make all of my own baby food. I enjoy reading about how you do it...not to mention the pictures are pretty!

  6. I was the same the third one, I was making all of his food. He pretty much looked at me after his first few bites of commercial baby food with the 'why would you feed me that?' face. Amazing how they're so small and yet, they make you bow down to their Almighy-ness. LOL

  7. Good for you! I made all my kids' food, too. I always thought it was really fun, and surprisingly easy. I used the book Super Baby Food as my guide--she had a great method for making various grains and dried legumes into baby "cereal". Of course, only Oliver would eat whatever I shoved in his mouth. The other 2 quickly preferred soft finger foods, which limited things a bit. Oliver's still the only one of them who likes oatmeal.

  8. Like Jodi, I used Super Baby Food for my kids. I made all their food and they are great eaters now.

    The biggest hurdle I had to overcome was seeing that it is EASY to make baby food and if I don't eat commercially canned food all the time, why would I expect my baby to?

    I love posts like this that show how it's done!


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