Monday, April 12, 2010

Annual Name That Sprout Post

It's so nice to look outside and see green.  Oh, and the eating green?  That is just delightful.  So far, we've been relishing every asparagus spear we cut.  Asparagus is my very favorite vegetable.  So far, we are eating it in it's (almost) purest form- just a little butter and salt, sauted until bright green and tender.

I'm dropping my weekly menu list in the right hand margin because from here on out, what we have for dinner is dictated by what the garden decides we have for dinner.  We were away for the long weekend and therefore, dinner tonight will consist of a very large (crustless) quiche (there were 67 eggs waiting for us) with asparagus and feta and a lettuce salad with green onions.  I'm looking forward to this meal immensely, but I'm not looking forward to making it knowing that before I get there, I have baked oatmeal, granola, yogurt and more baby food to make.  Coming home to an empty fridge can be brutal.

To celebrate all the green, I've taken some photos of some of the green things coming up around here, inside and out.  I've numbered them and, if you're game, you can do your best at naming each sprout.  I have every confidence in you.  For some of you, this will be easy.  For others, you may learn a thing or two.  I only ask that you do your best to refrain from peeking back at last year's Name That Sprout post. The winner(s) won't actually win anything.   Everyone is a winner today.

Okay.  Ready?  Set.  Guess!

Congratulations, Mr. H, for 10 out of 12 correct answers!

 1. (Red) Raspberries

2.  Pear

3.  Peach

4.  Peas

5.  Tomatoes (Basil in background)

6. Tomatoes

7.  Lettuce

8.  Leeks

9.  Tomatoes 
(I know I was being tricky- I just think everyone needs to know what tomatoes look like:-))

10.  Garlic

11.  Strawberries

12.  Stevia! 
(We're going to have to buy some plants)

I know.  This last one is pretty tough.  You're smart.  Go on, take a guess.
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  1. Ok, here goes, wish me luck. From first to last: Red raspberrry, apple, peach, pea, tomato?, tomato, romaine, leek, tomato, garlic, strawberry, and last but not least...coconut trees.:)

  2. 1. Red Raspberries
    2. Apples
    3. Cherries
    4. Peas
    5. Tomatoes
    6. Tomatoes
    7. Lettuce of some kind or Arugula
    8. Onions
    9. Tomaotes (Is this a trick?)
    10. Garlic (I remembered this one from your previous post!)
    12. Peppers - they're stubborn.

    Can't wait to see the real list!

  3. Red raspberry, pear, cherry, peas, peppers, cherry tomatoes, spinach, sweet onions, tomatoes, garlic, strawberries, watermelon.

    Aunt V.

  4. My guess is: raspberries,apples,cherries,peas,squash,beans,
    spinach,garlic,tomatoes,onions,strawberries, and
    no clue with the last one! Not sure about # 5 and 6- totally guessing! -diann

  5. 1- raspberry
    2- apple
    3- peach
    4- peas
    5- cantaloupe
    6- watermelon
    7- Romaine? Lettuce
    8- chives/leeks
    9- beans
    10- Onions
    11- Strawberries
    12- tomatoes.

    lol. :-D

  6. Enjoyed your blog. I homeschooled all 4 of my kids....the oldest is 29 now. So nice to see a mom equipping her children to live well in this world!

  7. I'm going to guess that last one is your stevia...

  8. here I go.....
    1. Raspberry
    2. Cherry
    3. Apple
    4. Peas
    5. Green Beans
    6. Tomatoes
    7. Romaine
    8. Chives
    9. Tomatoes
    10. onions
    11. strawberries
    12. parsley????

    5 and 6 were almost as hard as 12..... but, it was worth a try!

  9. Stevia! Of course! You mentioned this in one of your posts on going sugar free!


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