Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Day in My Life

This post is for the benefit of my memory.  
These days (with Sam, 7, Sadie, 4, and Miriam 9 months) follow more of an order than a schedule because we never seem to start the day at the same time.  Our day starts when the kids (Sam and Sadie) wake up and come to ask me (hereby waking me up) for breakfast.  These days, Miriam plays nicely in her crib, pressing the button on her crib-side music toy when she wakes up.  I am most productive in the morning, but I sleep as late as I'm able especially since Miriam still needs me some during the night.  Usually, we are all up between 7 and 9 am (dressed and nursed).

Breakfast is served and Miriam plays so nice these days wherever we put her.  I check email, publish a post I've previously written, and then launch into daily tasks of laundry, dishes, washing eggs and replenishing our breakfast supply of baked oatmeal and granola.  The kids play for a couple hours in the morning at this point.


Right now for Sam, this means putting on his roller skates and skating all over the house, reading, playing spy and detective, driving his remote control truck (when the batteries are charged) and playing off and on with Sadie.


For Sadie, this time is spent playing with her animals, her doll house, her Playmobil people and often Sam.  Together, they chase each other around the circle, spy on me with their magnifying glasses (note I did NOT say binoculars even though they have some) and pretend things in dress-up clothes.


A couple hours after getting up and playing hard, Miriam is ready for her morning nap.  Her morning so far consisted of playing with Sadie's dollhouse and animals and her baby toys.  She isn't crawling yet, but scoots herself around on her bum or rolls so she can get at what she wants, including my legs when I'm doing dishes.  Nothing is quite like your baby working her darnedest to scoot herself over to you so she can hug your legs.


After Miriam is nursed and laid down (awake!), we start school.  This session will last about two to three hours.  Sam is at the table or on the couch with me (for read-alouds) the whole time.  Sadie does a page of her workbook and then goes to play for awhile, coming and going as she pleases.  Sam is getting more independent, which means I can give him some work to do and go switch laundry or vacuum while he works.  Once most of school is complete, Sam and Sadie get about an hour of PBS or video time (Liberty's Kids, Magic School Bus, etc.).


With Miriam napping and the kids enthralled by the video or TV program they are watching- this time is my time.  I usually get on the computer at this point to email, blog and read other blogs. I also eat my lunch during this time in peace (since I have to feed Miriam during the kids' lunch time).


TV time is up about the time Miriam gets awake and it is lunchtime.  Lunches are made and the kids (usually) eat together.  With a well-rested and well-fed Miriam, she goes back on the floor to play- this child is easy I tell you.  And happy.  The only time she needs me is if she topples over or scoots herself into a corner- she does not like corners.  Then, I scoop her up and we enjoy kisses and hugs before she lunges to get back to the floor and the toys.

The big kids go back to playing and I finish laundry and start dinner prep.  If it's nice out, we all go outside where Sam and Sadie dig holes (it doesn't take a lot to entertain my children), play in the sandbox or in their hog-shed turned fort.  Miriam and I sit and watch the chickens or I put her in her umbrella stroller where the kids and I wheel her around (as she squeals in delight) while I pick up sticks and weed.

When Miriam gets sleepy, she goes back to bed and the kids and I finish up school.  When school is done, they get another hour of video time while I start or finish dinner and we wait for Jamey to get home- everyone's highlight of the day.

We eat dinner around 5pm.  I generally do this dishes and Jamey plays with the kids until bedtime.  If my chores are done, I use this time (before Miriam is ready for bed at 6:30 or 7pm) to pay bills, fold laundry or go on line.  Once Miriam is down (I put her to bed), Sadie soon follows.  Sam goes up at 8pm to read until 9:30 or we find him in our bed asleep (where he reads).  Once the kids are all upstairs, Jamey studies and I do my Bible study homework (if I have any) or read.  The rest of the evening is the most relaxing part of my day- lounging on the couch with Jamey, talking and watching Netflix DVDs.

Once the garden explodes, our evenings after kids are in bed often consist of shelling peas or snapping beans.  For now, we can sit.

Except for two trips into town each week for Sam's PE class, we stay home.  Jamey often picks up groceries while he's out.  I prefer things this way- with the occasional outing to a friend's house and doctor's appointment as the exceptions.  Going out stresses me out (unless I'm alone or with Jamey only) and inevitable leads to spending money, so I avoid it.

I go to bed every night tired, but always looking forward to the next day.  I didn't include the whining and bickering and disobeying that goes on each day because who wants to remember that?  We all make mistakes and wish we had acted differently.  Let's let those memories fall by the wayside and cherish the memories of being at home all together as a young family.  I know this won't last forever.

Most days I wish that it would.
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  1. Boy do I remember those busy days! As much as I love being an empty-nester, I long for those crazy, hectic, chaotic times! They were some of the sweetest memories of my entire life! This post brought back those sweet memories. Savor each moment and good for you for writing it down...don't ever forget these precious years! Thanks for sharing:]

  2. Your days sound very much like mine! Except the school part, my oldest is only four, so we don't have "school". She spends a lot of time learning though! :)
    I love Miriam's Robeez! Cute!

  3. Your days sound wonderful, especially that little munchkin Miriam:) Trust me, it will gone way too quickly...I miss my kids snuggling up to me to be read to. They need a ride or money or something to be washed these days:)

  4. Enjoyed a peek into your daily life. Brings back memories of having little ones! Gracefully changing into new seasons of life is always a challenge, but once you are there, it has a whole new set of blessings of it's own!

  5. How long do you think it will take him to figure out he can burn ants with that magnifying glass?

  6. Your days do sound busy...but also very productive! Here's a question for you...How do you get your children to play independently? My boys always want me to play with them, which I do sometimes but can't do ALL the time. I love to hear any tips you may have.

  7. Karen,
    I will tell you what I do, but I'll ask other readers to chime in with their "tricks" as well. Not everything works for every family.

    When they were toddlers, I'd often set up some things for them- blocks, trains, etc, and start the playing along side them. Once they were deep into play, I could leave and they would play for awhile by themselves. This didn't always work and sometimes, I just let them fuss. Often they would get bored of fussing and find something to do. If they went into a full-blown tantrum, there was a consequence for that. In our house, it's a time out. After a time out, I would start the process over and remind then when I left that if they fussed again, they'd have to go back to time out. This often helped and they learned to play by themselves.

    With Sam and Sadie (ages 7 and 4), if they are unable to play nicely (either by themselves or with each other), I tell them to get a stack of books and sit on a couch (different couches work better). I set the timer and they may not get off (except for a bathroom break) until the time is up. Sometimes, I think they need to be told what activity they should do. Suggesting things does not always work. It's funny, they rarely grumble when they are told to go on couches. I think because they love books so much and figure it's better than time out. Also, by the time the timer goes off, they are ready to try to play nicely again or they know what will happen -they'll go back on the couches!

    Teaching something new can be really hard and there can be a lot of resistance. But! There is a calm after the storm if you stay consistent with your changes. They will learn. Eventually:-).

    Sorry for such a lengthy explanation. This is what has worked for us. Others, chime in!!

  8. Oh, I must add that the books on couches idea came from a dear friend. You can read her at www.mamasminutia.blogspot.com. Thanks, JJ:-).

  9. Great post and your pics were really cute. I never realized how stressed out I get about taking all my kiddos out, or how that leads to spending money till I stopped going for one week. So nice to just be on the farm and settle in to the day. But what about keeping them well socialized to the world they live in? Not just in books but first hand? Your thoughts?

  10. Ahhh. The question of socialization. I found a couple definitions on line.

    "The process by which a human being beginning at infancy acquires the habits, beliefs, and accumulated knowledge of society through education and training for adult status"


    "The process of learning interpersonal and interactional skills that are in conformity with the values of one's society."

    (both from Dictionary.com- the first link that popped up when I googled "socialization").

    I must say that I am satisfied with our kids being socialized by each other, Jamey and I, their Sunday School teachers and classmates, their PE instructor and fellow classmates, neighbors, extended family, their friends, their friends siblings and friend's parents. Kids are never left alone, so they are always, always watching and learning from someone.

    Our kids are respectful to adults and peers, talkative, and well, very normal kids (NOT perfect- normal):-).

    All that to say, I really don't worry about it. If my children started acting oddly or inappropriately in public or around other kids or adults, I would evaluate their influences, just like every parent does whether their kids go to school or stay home.

    Thanks for the question, Brooke!

  11. What a fun post! Thanks for sharing a day in your life! =)

  12. Great post! Reminds me of how our days went when the children were younger. Now there is moer school to our day, but that is to be expected with a grade nine student in the house! ;-) And, unfortunately, no naps! OH...DO cherish these days!!

    You sound so much like me with the desire that things will go on as they are forever! It feels as though they will go on and on and then you realise that things change ~ sometimes subtly and sometimes suddenly ~ but usually we are ready for the change when it comes.

    "Socialization" ~ I thought you answered that one well! Even children in school all day sometimes don't respond appropriately in all "socail" situations! And who better to teach young ones about the world than their parents! Hang in there! It will all be worth it!! :)

    Have a lovely evening!

  13. I also love the "dailiness" of my life. Have you read that quote by Olive Ann Burns? I'm doing my best to embrace the beautiful flow and rhythm of my days as a young mom, too.

  14. LizzyP, Is this the quote you had in mind?

    "I have learned to quit speeding through life, always trying to do too many things too quickly, without taking the time to enjoy each day’s doings. I think I always thought of real living as being high. I don’t mean on drugs – I mean real living was falling in love, or when I got my first job, or when I was able to help somebody, . . . In between the highs I was impatient – you know how it is – life seemed so Daily. Now I love the dailiness. I enjoy washing dishes, I enjoy cooking, I see my father’s roses out the kitchen window. I like picking beans. I notice everything – birdsongs, the clouds, the sound of wind, the glory of sunshine after two weeks of rain."
    — Olive Ann Burns

    I love it:-).

  15. I wish I had written more about our days when my children were little. I loved this peek into your life. I am really impressed with your days and how much you stay home. You will be so glad you did.

  16. I love finding out what other people's daily schedules are like. It gives me ideas of how to structure my day and helps me know there are others staying home doing just what I'm doing. It was so fun to take a peek into your daily life. Thanks for sharing!


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