Thursday, March 25, 2010

100 Friends

As of yesterday, 100 folks have signed up to "follow" my blog.  I am humbled at the thought.

Just to set things straight, I have never liked the term "follower" lurking over on the right side of my blog above all your lovely faces and pictures.  It was just the default title when I started this blog a year and a half ago.  At the time it didn't occur to me that I could change it.  Instead, I was learning how to load pictures.  You know, the hard stuff:-).  As of today, I will be changing the title to "friends".  I like that so much more. (Oh, mercy.  I thought I knew how to change it, but I don't- can anyone help me?)


But wait.  Friends know stuff about each other.  I know you know quite a bit about me (maybe more than you ever set out to- sorry), but I don't know anything about most of you.  SO.  Instead of having a one-sided friendship, I would love to learn something about YOU.  I know that some of you are readers but don't "follow".  You don't need to follow to be a friend- I would love to learn about you, too.  And, if you have never commented, consider this a personal invitation- even if it's just this one time:-).  If you think I know you, I still want you to answer- I'm sure I don't know everything.

Here we go...below are a list of questions.  Pick one, or two or three (or all of them!) and answer them for me (please include the question number so I know what you're talking about).  If you blog, leave your address.  I'd love to get to know you. 

1) What do you do with your time?  Do you work?  Stay home with kids?  A combination?  If you work, what do you do?  (Sorry, that was five questions.  We'll just count them as one.)

2) What do you want to be when you grow up (if you're not already doing it)?

3) Do you live in the city, the suburb or the country?

4) What's your favorite vegetable?

5) Are you a pessimist or an optimist?

6) What's your biggest pet peeve?

7) What is the first thing you would do if you won $1,000,000 (after fainting, of course)?

8) Chocolate or vanilla?

9) Sun or shade?

10) Saver or spender?

11) Does it freak you out that a semi-total stranger is asking to be your "friend" (my new name for follower)?  If so, we'll still consider you a "follower".  Whatever makes you happy:-).

Your turn.  I'll be quiet and let you talk- that makes for a better friend, right? Pin It


  1. Fun! I am the 100th follower (or friend) and the first commenter!

    1)My time is taken up by 2 things mainly. One is work - I am a civil engineer - mostly do traffic engineering. Two - I lead young life - basically an outreach ministry where I spend lots of time hanging out with high school students and sharing Jesus with them (

    4)I LOVE cucumbers.


    7)Take my family and lots of friends on an awesome vacation - or maybe 1 with family and one with friends. Then give a ton of it away. Probably invest/save a little too



    And my blog is

    Glad we are friends!

  2. Make that 101 "friends"!!

    #9 - Definitely SUN, it just makes me happy.

  3. I didn't realize comments didn't show up immediately - I may not be the first commenter - but still excited to be your 100th friend!

  4. Ok. Here goes...
    My name is Karen & I blog at

    1. I'm a stay at home mom to 4 young boys. What I do with my time is try to stay one step ahead of them. :)

    2. I am doing what I always envisioned myself doing - being a wife & mommy. I do sometimes think about what I will do when my children are grown. Even though I have my degree in elementary/ early childhood education, I don't see myself going back to the education field. Instead, I'd like to do something that ties into my creative interests - baking, writing, etc. What that will end up being, I don't know right now.

    3. Country. However, our county which has always been a strong farming/rural community is being built up at a scarily fast rate. My husband and I dream of finding wide open spaces once again.

    6. My biggest pet peeve is bad customer service.

    8. Chocolate for sure!

    10. Saver

    11. I enjoy reading your blog so much & you've shared so much about your home and your thoughts that 'friend' seems much more appropriate than 'follower'.


    1) Time...who KNOWS what I do with my time. I get up, feed people all day, then realize it's time for bed. :o) I'm a stay at home Mommy to 2 girls (ages 3 1/2 & 19 months). I've been doing Mommyhood "full-time" for 8 months, but before that I was a full-time minister in the Christian church for 10 years. Now, my mission field is in my home.

    2) When I was younger, I would have told you that I wanted to be a wife & stay at home Mommy. Most days I still do, but sometimes I just need to escape back to the dream of being a princess or an astronaut.

    3) Hard question to answer. By most American's terms, I live in the country because of the rural town I'm in. But, I can hear the highway, and see a billboard from my living room, so I deam myself living "downtown" with my city's population of 13,500. :o) My town is just outside a tri-city region of about 250,000 people within a driving distance of 30 minutes from my house. The world might measure distance in miles/kilometers, but not I. I measure distance in the time it takes to drive there in a car/fly in a's all about the journey and how long it takes to get there.

    4) potato

    5) depends if it's raining outside

    6) whining

    7) Pay off my mortgage and call Dave Ramsey's show yelling, "I'M DEBT FREEEEE!"

    8) vanilla

    9) Sun (and beach)

    10) spender after in coupons. I LOVE to spend coupons and to buy a good deal. Oh my word! I'm probably one of the few people who actually "enjoy" grocery shopping (as long as I can shop alone!) I like weeding throw the sales ads, cutting coupons, planning menus...yeah, I'm a bit messed up.

    11) nope. I'm a stalker myself...

  6. 7) i think about this a lot, i think my final list is:
    -first thing i would do though is travel to far off places. paris, greece, italy, some tropical island. i would eat my way through foreign countries.
    -i'd give some money to animal charities and probably younglife.
    -i'd move my parents from charlotte to the beach into my current house that they love and buy myself a newer place.

    2) relates back to question 7. i would quit my job. i would stop doing accounting and i would figure out what i wanted to be when i grow up. and i wouldn't stress about not working and probably going back to school.

    4) brussel sprouts. i'm even growing some in my little garden (which i've been meaning to send you pictures of, the newspaper pots are awesome starters).

  7. 1) I've been an almost SAHM Mum since my daughter was born 10 months ago. Blogs like your have helped give me vision for that and make that huge adjustment.(Plus looking at the pretty pictures during my lunch break while she naps is totally therapeutic!) I live in Cambridge in Britain and this is a much more secular country than the States so hearing people talk/write about their faith and how it relates to mothering is really inspiring for me. I have started teaching Baby Signing 2 mornings a week to help bring in some extra cash and I'd like to start blogging again soon but need to get the signing up and running well first. I'm just getting back into the garden after having my daughter and I LOVE to cook!

    2) A talk radio host

    3) Suburbs - but we have chickens and lots of veggies in the back garden!

    4) Spinach

    9) Dappled shade. I always like a bit of both!

    10) Reformed character saver

  8. Okay, you asked for it:)
    1. I'm a stay-at-home mom as of two yrs ago when I lost my job and gained a new baby boy at the same time. I love to sew, esp. by hand, and love to make pretty things. I've begun a wee little blog about all of this at

    2. A private detective!

    3. City

    4. Green Beans

    5. Optimist

    6. poor grammar/limited vocab., esp. when people are talking

    7. practical stuff, I'm afraid- pay off home, etc., college ed. for kids, an island somewhere warm

    8. vanilla- w/ chocolate chips

    9. Shade

    10. pretty much both but, now that we don't have my income coming in, I've been trying to tip the scales more towards saver

    11. I'd love to be your friend!

    Thank you, this was fun!


  9. Congratulations on The Big 100!!! And that's a good list of questions. I'm looking forward to reading all the answers...

  10. My name is Kelley and I blog at

    1) I work full-time for one of the largest phone companies. I have two kids, my boy is 7 and my girl is 5. My official title is a Service Executive, but it boils down to being the Designated Whipping Post for my customers as I am their inside advocate to make things happen.

    2) I would love to be a full time lampworker/player of fire while my kids are at school and then meet them at the bus stop every afternoon, but I think we're a few years away from making that happen.

    3) I live in a suburb north of Atlanta, although I rarely venture beyond a five mile radius of our home.

    4) Asparagus

    5) Optimist. I try hard to stay away from negativity of any sort.

    6) Excuses

    7) Call a financial advisor. My husband would likely be making plans to spend a big chunk & pay off other family members mortgages and send in his resignation.

    8) Chocolate, plain & simple. No caramel or nuts needed

    9) Shade

    10) I'm good at both :)

    11) Nope and I like all of your questions to learn more about all your blog friends. I found your blog after Sarah/Clover Lane interviewed you and have been your silent friend ever since.

  11. Hi! I'm Randi, I blog at (occasionally... :)

    1) I'm a SAHM to two beautiful girls, 4 and 4 months!

    3) We live in the edge of a very small town of 500 people. But in the city limits so we're not allowed chickens... :P

    5) A little bit of both? It really depends on waht type of mood I'm in.. :) Mostly optimist though.

    7) Pay off debt! We've made some major bad desicions concerning credit cards and are now, quite literally, paying for them... Doing the Dave Ramsey thing right now! After that, we'd buy some land and build a place out in the country, where we could have chickens, and a steer or two, and horses, and..... :)

    11) nope, I love new friends! :D

  12. Thank you for this invitation. I think we all should get to know each other better...After all, we're all friends!

    1. I am very involved in my community, serving on several committees. I also try to spend as much time as I can with my children and grandchildren (whom I affectionally call my "Littles").

    2. I always wanted to be a REAL princess, so ended up being a Flight Attendant...same thing in many of their minds!

    3. I was raised a city girl who now lives in the country and will, hopefully, never live in the city again!

    4. I *heart* ALL veggies except beets...if they're pickled they're OK and I love their greens with peppered vinegar!

    5. Absolute Optimist...Live's too short:)

    6. My biggest Pet Peeve is probably Rudeness.

    7. I'd give my church 10%

    8. Unfortunately, Chocolate...but I love Vanilla too.

    9. Here comes the SUN!!

    10. A recovering Spender who's focusing on Saving! (doing pretty good)

    11. Even though I don't even know your name, I don't consider you a stranger. Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us. This is how we all grow...together!

  13. 1) I stay homeschool my 2 boys at home, presently in my city cottage. Anticipating a big move on the horizon(April) to a reststop on the way to our country homestead. I love to garden & read. I love to sew, but don't do that much now.
    2) A field trip to the post office as a kid sealed it for me. I'd deliver the mail, but real-time, I'd love to teach highschool(academy) or college, for now I am thrilled to homeschool our boys.
    3) Capitol city dweller with in walking distance of SEC College football games, but we're on our way to the rural life. and quick!
    4)Too many to pick one, but I'd say I could eat broccoli every day. Lettuce is another favorite.
    5) Positively an optimist.
    6)Careless, thoughtless drivers. Aggressive doesn't bother me as much as the driver who doesn't consider what could happen due to self-serving actions.
    7)Pay off my mortgage. Upgrade the cabinets in the kitchen, get my hair cut & colored. How lame.
    8)Mint Chocolate Chip (oh you wern't talking ice cream?)
    9)Sun with an umbrella on the beach.
    10) Spend but really beginning to think I'm going over to the other side.
    11)I have been trying to come up with a name for my (few) followers, & I desire also to know who I'm chatting with when I spill the things closest to my heart. So in this crazy internet world, I'm so happy you want to have friends. but you're not a weirdo. Can't wait to read more about your friends.

  14. Hi Gina,
    I love your blog. I am not a follwer however I do have you on my blog in my list of favorites. I am retired and love being home. I wish when I was younger I did what you are doing. We are a plaing Catholic family living a simple old fashion life in the middle of a big city. I am a saver. We live debt free.
    Thank you for writing a wonderful blog. Stop by for a visit

  15. I'm afraid you're gonna be sorry you did this. :-)
    1) I am a wife, wannabe homesteader, teacher, and driver of the church bus.

    2) Full time SAHM Homeschooling mother of four while raising a huge garden and orchard and keeping a milk animal. :D

    3) I live in the country and drive 45 minutes one way to work each weekday.

    4) I love asparagus, and my favorite fungi is portobello mushrooms. :-P

    5) I'm a realist. It's just half a glass, people! :D

    6) I could go spiritual here, but instead I will be lighthearted and say misuse of apostrophes. (which does make me crazy)

    7) If I won $1,000,000 I would return tithe to the Lord, and maybe even some offering. :-) Then pay off all debts, purchase more land, livestock, and tools to be more self-sufficient. Save/invest what's left, I guess...

    8) Chocolate that is 80% cacao.

    9) Shade for me, sun for my plants.

    10) Saver.

    11) Nope, you're my friend, ThyHand. My husband thinks I'm weird, and looks at me funny when I tell him what I learned from ThyHand today. LOL!

  16. 7.Pay off ALL my bills, sell this house and buy a piece of land on a creek with plenty of room to grow food!

    8.Vanilla. Definitely.

    9. Shade. Shade. Shade!

  17. I love this!! I am having so much fun reading all about you. And, Elizabeth, nice try at guessing my name! I can't wait to visit all of your blogs after my kids go to bed. Maybe bedtime will be 6pm tonight:-).

  18. 1) I'm a SAHM of 3 girls; two of whom I homeschool - the oldest is finishing up High School this year at our church school.

    2) A farmer. With a potager garden, my chickens, some goats, bees, maybe a cow or two, and.... I'm sure I'll think of something else to add!

    3) We live on nearly 5 acres in the mountains in the country, but it's in a small community of homes.

    4) Ohhh, too hard! I love so many! I guess I'd have to say a huge salad loaded with lots of other veggies!

    5) Definitely an optimist.

    6) Lazy whiners.

    7) Pay off the rest of the mortgage (30%?), 10% for short term savings, 10% to long term savings, 10% to my daughter for college, and all the rest (40%) to my church and other ministries.

    8) Vanilla ( but only because chocolate upsets my acid reflux)

    9) Sun, but I LOVE a good rainstorm and a bit (a LITTLE bit) of fog and snow in the winter if I have a nice fire going.

    10) I have been a spender, but well on my way to becoming a saver!!! I really changed a few years ago, but I still like to save for nice things.

    11) I've met a lot of my sisters in Christ through blogging. If we're going to spend eternity together, I have no problem getting to know them ahead of time - all the better! Fun post!

  19. Fun, I always love reading peoples anwsers and learning more about them:)

    First off, to change the title of your followers, go to Layout and it should display "Add and Arrange Page Elements". Scroll down to where it shows your follower box, click the blue "edit" link in the box. Rename it whatever you'd like in the "title" box that appears and then hit save.

    1. I am a homeschooling SAHM of three kids.
    2. A patient person
    3. Suburb
    4. Cucumber
    5. More of a pessimist, trying hard to be more optimistic.
    6. "Wow, you have your hands full"
    7. 10% to God's work, pay off debt, buy a house free and clear, trust funds for son and sister with autism, money for parents and in-laws, bank the rest.
    8. Chocolate
    9. Can I have both?
    10. Again, both.
    11. I am flattered when people want to be my "cyber pal" (as I call them) and read what I have to say.

  20. Great idea! I am a "friend" that has you on her side bar...that's how I "follow" ~ works for me! :) I enjoy my visits are a blessing.

    The survey ~

    1) Stay home full time and teach my four kids ~ we homeschool, but this is only our fourth year so I am not an "expert"...we began homeschool when the first three were in grades 6, 4, and 2 which was quite an initiation! :)

    3) Live in the suburbs and love our neighbourhood ~ we've been here for 15 years. :)

    5) Optimist

    8) Chocolate ~ do you really have to ask? LOL!

    9) Sunny days but shade to sit under

    10) Save and then spend...

    11) You don't freak me out at all...I enjoy thinking of you as a friend! :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  21. Oh this is fun!!!

    1) I am a stay at home, homeschooling mom of 4 soon to be 5 children. My time is spent educating the kids and myself ( I have been teaching myself new skills with the use of Youtube and google lol) So far I have learned to sew, cann and am teaching myself to cook better instead of reheat frozen stuff.

    2) I always even as a child wanted to be a stay at home mom with a lot of kids so I guess I am living that.

    3) Right now we live in a suburb with lots of close neighbors but we are buying and moving to my dads old house sometime in the very near future which is more country.. granted its only 6 acres but that is huge when my land now is measured as a Lot.

    4) Mmmmmmmm, Fresh garden tomatoes Yellow, red, pink.. fresh off the vine rinse cut and eat or no need really to cut just eat. I can not wait for tomato season.

    5) Depends on the situation but I would say more optimist.

    6) People who are negative towards the lifestyle decisions i make. I am not making these negative people use cloth diapers, sew anything, home school their children, eat healthier ect These are the decisions that are best for my family. Some people are so critical when they think something is weird. Unfortunately, my mother in law is the worst at this, but I love her anyways.

    7) I would give my tithe to the church, then i would pay off my home, my fathers home and my in laws home, then I would put the rest in the bank and attempt to live off of the interest.

    8) Chocolate

    9) Sun

    10) Spender!!! Luckily God knew this and gave me a wonderful hubby who is excellent with money, very practical, saves, and is in control of our money.. We would be in so much trouble if it was up to me to manage the money

    11) No. I actually have been calling you a friend to my hubby for a bit now. Saying I got this from my friends blog Thy hand... Actually truth be know he has been reading it to with me and looking at all the great recipes and ideas.

    Thanks again for a wonderful blog..
    Mine is rather new but if you want to take a look here is mine.

    Oh! And I would love some of your pickled beets but I would never steal them.. LOL I love your reminder.

  22. 1) stay at home mom and unschooler

    2) Happy. :)

    3) Suburbia, but my daughter says she's going to buy land in the country and build us both houses. A family compound. (gee, that sounds as bad as 'Followers'. LOL)

    4) grilled asparagus

    5) both

    6) People who are mean. There's just no need....
    7) Pay off my mortgage and tell my husband to start his own business.

    8) Chocolate. Always.

    9) Shade, usually. I'm all sensitive and stuff.

    10) both. I save until I have a valid reason to spend. (and I tell you, I just can't see going to the hair salon and getting charged $40 for something I can do myself. Or con somebody into doing for me. Hee...)

    11) It doesn't, but if they want to be my friend, it'd be nice for them to talk to me instead of following me and never talking to me. I'm one of the few that wants people to follow me because they want to, not because I've followed their blogs.

  23. Heather, Thanks for the advice on changing "follower" to "friend", but I tried that. All it let me does is change the title above all the follower business. Oh, well. We'll just have to pretend is says what I want it to:-).

  24. 1. ok you know some of this, but here goes: I'm a SAHM of 2 girls and a boy. When the "work" is done, my free time is spent playing with the kids, reading, scrapbooking, and enjoying the outdoors.
    2. I think I've always wanted to be just what I am right now...
    3. It used to feel like the country, but since we've moved here, it's definitely more suburban.
    4. I love corn on the cob
    5. optimist/realist. Sometimes it just is what it is
    6. My pet peeve is people saying they will do something and then not following through.
    7. I think I'd do just what my children's banks say "Share some, Spend some, Save some". It would be fun figuring out the spend part--probably a BIG family vacation (yes, you can come!) and upgrades to the house and wardrobe.
    8. Chocolate
    9. Sun
    10. Saver at heart I guess
    11. Friend--always

  25. I’m a born and bred southern girl from Natchitoches, LA. Currently playing house in East Texas after Hurricane Katrina turned our lives in New Orleans upside down. I have a fabulous husband of almost 13 years, a 6 year old son and a 4 year old daughter (our hurricane baby). I'm a natural light portrait photographer, but spend the majority of my time at home taking care of my family and trying my best to keep a happy, healthy home. I love being my own boss because I have plenty of time to putter around with my many projects, raise my babies and spoil my husband. I love hanging out with friends, hot boiled crawfish, ice cold Coca~Cola, football (I better love it, I married a college football coach), gardening, cooking and eating, crafting, good books, Mardi Gras (family style), New Orleans Jazz Fest, stuffed Nectar Creme Sno-Balls, Saints football and live music. I make a mean pot of gumbo and I love to laugh. I don’t like hurricanes, rude people and slow drivers, other than that I'm pretty easy going. I just enjoy being happy, healthy and having a good time.

    My blog is

    2) A farmer. I want some land with chickens and pigs and cows and big garden, with a little roadside stand to sell vegetables and fresh eggs.

    3) I live in a nice little neighorhood in a small Texas town

    4) It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I guess I’ll go with spinach.

    5) Optimist

    6) Rude people

    7) I’d probably put it toward that little farm I’ve been dreaming of or just save most of it.

    8) Both please

    9) Both please

    10) Definitely a saver. I do like to travel though, so when I spend it’s usually on a fun adventure.

    11) Doesn’t freak me out at all. I love making new friends. I found your blog through CloverLane and have really enjoyed learning about you and your way of life.

  26. Hi. I'm a follower, but I'm a gray shadow. I can't figure out how to add a picture. Someone help me! I also have a blog:

    1) I just recently became a stay at home wife with hopes to be a stay at home mother soon.

    2) I still feel like I'm not grown up.

    3) Grew up in the country (on a farm) and now live in a suburb.

    4) Every vegetable (from growing up on a farm).

    5) Optimist

    6) Depends on what day it is. Mostly people not thinking before they do/say/decide something.

    7) Invest half, use 1/4 for charity, use 1/4 for stuff I want to do (photography equipment, travel, house, etc.)

    8) Chocolate

    9) Shade

    10) Both

    11) No freaking out here. Well, at least not about this.

  27. I want to see how you change the title to "friend". So I can do that to my blog.

    I am an optimist nurse who loves our public school system and lives in the country. I am a spender but I am focused on being a saver.

    I love reading your blog because of your great chicken and gardening tips. But I really enjoy the whole thing. Your so resourceful. I found your blog thru your interview on Clover Lane.

  28. 1)I am a homeschooling, SAHM of our three peeps, ages 9, 6, and 4.

    2) I am doing just what I wanted/dreamed of doing-being a wife, mommy, and teacher
    3)We live in the suburbs of a major Texas city, but are looking for a non-suburban cookie-cutter home with acreage.
    4) Veggies? What are those? hehe
    5) optimist
    6) rude customer service
    7) Give to church, invest most of it, buy dream home
    8) vanilla
    9) shade
    10) spender, but live with a saver which balances out quite nicely
    11) No. Considering I'm just someone who reads blogs and almost never formally follows and who almost never, ever posts. :)

    we are at:

  29. I'm not a follower, but ever since your interview on Clover Lane, I've read you every day (and most of your archives). It's funny that, on paper, I'm quite opposite you, but feel that we have a lot in common (family values, eating healthy & organic, etc.). I am a Jewish, full-time trial attorney, wife and mother to 2 boys (3 1/2 years and 6 months), living in suburbia.

    I have tried many of your recipes and LOVE them!!! Please keep them coming.

    Sorry didn't really answer your list of questions - I'm used to being the question-asker! ;)

  30. hi :) my blog is found at:

    i love reading your blog! :) you inspire me... :)

    1) i'm a SAHM to my 17 mo. old little girl...but before that, i was a 3rd grade teacher for 10 years. i also did a lot with technology and gifted education while teaching... :) my husband is also a teacher, so to supplement our income a bit, i do keep another teacher's child part time. :)

    2) gee, i could list several things here... i never thought that i'd stay at home, but mommy-hood has changed my heart so much. :) since i love being at home now, in the future, i want to be a doctor, a photographer, a dog boarder, and perhaps a dog breeder... :) (gosh, i feel like i'm in kindergarten :))

    3) we live in a little town about 10 miles outside of Charlottesville, VA. :) we have a farm bordering our back i would call us rural... :)

    4) i like a few a lot...broccoli, zucchini, and carrots... :) and green beans just the way my grandma used to make them (i haven't mastered the technique yet :))

    5) optimist... :) but i try to be a realist, too... :)

    6) probably people who purposely hurt other people

    7) i'd probably buy some land and build us a new house and also build my parents a house, too... :) i miss being closer to my mom and dad... :) i would also donate a lot of it... :)

    8) it depends on the day, but i'm mostly a vanilla girl, i think :)

    9) if it's not 100 degrees out, sun is nice... but if it's warm, i like the shade :)

    10) a little of both... when my husband and i were teaching, we didn't have to really budget... now, i'm learning how to budget and how to buy only what we need... :)

    11) i think it's so fastinating to be a "blog stalker," and i can say that i have found out and learned soooo much by reading other people's blogs. i've learned about kids, cooking, gardening, photography, mission work, God, pets, and that i'm not totally crazy. :) i have formed some neat connections with people who i've never met...and it's also helped me keep in touch with some friends that i've met during my life... :) i think it's fabulous that we have this method to be connected to friends - regardless of if we've really met or not... :) i find myself wishing that some of the bloggers i follow could be my neighbors...part of blogging kind of makes you yearn for some social contact with the people you follow... :) i love it! :)

    :) <3

  31. 1) What do you do with your time? I am a SAHM to 3 beautiful little stars in my eyes. 5 yo boy, 3 yo girl and 7 month boy. I am homeschooling, and preparing to move overseas to join Hubby.

    2) I'm not sure yet- I almost have my degree in Early Childhood Education, but am leaning more towards getting my CNA, or possibly EMT certificate. Then again, if I had unlimited time to practice, I would jump into photography full time, instead of snatching some here and there.

    3) Definitely the country- am staying with parents right now, and the last time we visited here, they only had dial-up internet! :P

    4) Zucchini, for right now. It changes.

    5) optimist

    6) Being talked about behind my back. I mean, in the not nice sense.

    7) Tithe the 10%, pay off the mortgage, and like one of the other commenters, call Dave Ramsey's show yelling hysterically! :P
    8) Chocolate

    9) Shade- its so much easier to get well exposed photographs with light in the subjects eyes.

    10) Spender that is curbing her habits one at a time!

    11) Nope- my blog is if you want to come friend me. I'm muddling my way through a Bible study, a new workout regime, homeschooling, and attempting to cut out the processed food/junk that we eat. I have yet to blog about the last part, because I'm scouring blogs like yours for healthy stuff! :)

  32. I went to my blogger dashboard, clicked on 'layout', clicked on the gadget that says 'followers' and changed the title to 'friends'. It worked- it now says 'friends' on my blog instead of 'followers'. Hope this helps!

  33. Thanks, Danielle. I was able to do that, but what I was hoping to change was the "Followers" right next to the number. I'm discovering that may be impossible. Thanks for the help:-).

  34. 1) I accepted a buy out from my employer which was perfect timing 'cause we learned that I'm pregnant with your first child. So I am currently a SAHM-To-Be!

    2) I can't wait to be a Mom and look forward to developing some type of part-time career on the side.

    3) Currently we live in a downtown neighborhood and are in the process of moving to a MUCH larger city.

    4) Spinach and asparagus are tied.

    5) Optimist!

    6) Whining, I think.

    7) Put some in the bank, invest a bunch, and take some time to decide who and how we could help ...

    8) Both! Depends on the item.

    9) Both. Depends on the activity or lack thereof.

    10) Both. If I save and budget, I can enjoy conscious spending.

    11) Nope! I read your blog via Google reader, so friend or follower -- you can consider me a FAN!

  35. Hi found you by way of "Mavis" Jumping off the processed food chain site and fell in love when I read the quote from Mother Theresa on your side bar. Knew we were most likely kindred spirits after reading the rest of your quotes/verses below. I'm a follower of Christ first and appear to be a SAHM to some because I work p/t from my home. I'm a telecommuter for a large co. It's a blessing for me to be able to wave bye bye to my kidlets (boy 14, girl 10) as they leave for school in the am and be here when they get home.
    2. Playing in the dirt everyday would be awesome.
    3. city living in a rural atmosphere describes my little town. We are in sunny So Calif
    4. love everything but mushy squash
    5. Optimist but if I've slacked off on reading my Bible regularly then I become pessimistic.
    7. $1M can't even fathom the idea
    9. Sun with a light breeze no more than 79 degrees please
    10 SAVER its part of my DNA
    11. I don't have a blog but if I did I'd invite you and your gang over for lemonade and cookies anytime your available. Robin

  36. Hi! Here we go -

    1) I work about 1/2 time so I can be home with the kids when they're home.

    2) Not entirely sure! :-)

    3)Officially I think it's cinsidered "ciy," but feels more like the burbs.

    4) carrots

    5) depends on the day!

    6) also depends on the day! :-)

    7) pay off my student loan and the house, then put the kids in private school (maybe).

    8) CHOCOLATE!!!!

    9) sun

    10) a bit of both, but really more on the spend side, unfortunately!

    11) you'r way too cool to freak me out! :-)

  37. You also have 229 (as of now) people following you according to my Google Reader!!

    1) What do you do with your time? Do you work? Stay home with kids? A combination? If you work, what do you do? (Sorry, that was five questions. We'll just count them as one.)

    Stay at home with my lovelies most of the time (I work part-time a bit, too).

    4) What's your favorite vegetable? POTATOES. They're hands down my favorite food EVER.

    9) Sun or shade? Shade - I get burnt to a crisp after 2.2 sconds in the sun!

    11) Does it freak you out that a semi-total stranger is asking to be your "friend" (my new name for follower)? If so, we'll still consider you a "follower". Whatever makes you happy:-).

    Nope. Not at all:)

  38. 1)stay home with my 3 girls, 7, 4, and 2, homeschool, want to be crafter.

    2) I always wanted to be a mommy :)

    3) the suburb

    4) hard to chose one, really good homegrown tomatoes is probably my favorite.

    5) optimist, I think

    6) picking up after everyone else

    7) charity first of course, pay of debts, make sure my oldest is set (she has apert syndrome)

    8) Chocolate

    9) Sun

    10) spender, I wish I wasn't...

    11) maybe :)

  39. 1) I am a behavior specialist. I work with an autistic child during the school day to ensure his safety and the safety of those around him. My heart is at home, though, where I consider myself an Amateur homemaker... someday I hope to be a Professional. =)

    2) A mom!

    3) My husband and I live in a suburb but plan to move to the country.

    4) Tomatoes.

    5) I am naturally a pessimist, but I am intentionally optimistic.

    6) Waste. And gross eating noises.

    7) Buy a house with cash and then pay off my sister's mortgage.

    8) Dark chocolate.

    9) Spotted shade?

    10) Saver

    11) Not in the least!

  40. 1) I am busy chasing my two boys around during the days while waiting on the next boy or girl to arrive in September.

    2) I love what I am doing. The only change would be where I do it and we are working on that!

    3) Suburb--Moving now to save up for the country.

    4) Carrots

    5) Optimist for others, pessimist for myself

    6) Pet Peeve: Hmmm. Think it might be people complaining they are soooo busy when they have totally chosen to be and remain that way.

    7) $$$-Get the place in the country!

    8) Chocolate

    9) Sun

    10) Saver or spender? Both

    11) No. I am not a follower/friend, bc I use Google Reader.

    Looking forward to reading through the other comments to find new friends!
    Your pickled beets are safe. I have a boatload of my own I canned last fall!

  41. I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and have it listed on my blog list.

    1. I work full time, am mom to 2 teenagers, wife and beginning homesteader. We raised our own beef for the first time last year. I'm really enjoying your gardening posts.

    3. Country

    5. I like to think realist more than pessimist.

    10. Saver

  42. Howdy~ So much fun getting to read everyone's answers! I am currently not a follower, but I have you on my blog favorite (and definitaly one of my favorite blogs to read!)
    1.I'm a special education teacher. I have taught all levels.. from PPCD(3&4), high school, and currently middle school. I love my job and the joy that each child brings into my life every day!
    2. When younger (h.s. and college) and trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up.. I discovered that I simply wanted to be in the arms of Christ no matter where He wanted to take me or how He wanted to use me! So far I've been a missionary in Africa, a wife, a teacher, and hope to be an amazing mom someday!
    3.very small country community in Texas
    5.optimist peeve - my husband popping his nails during church pay off student loans, invest, call the Dave Ramsey show :), and go back to Africa to do mission work.
    9.Sun! So ready to see some sun... goodbye to the snow for a while!!!!
    10.Saver-- I get so excited to sit with my husband every payday and discuss our "budget."
    I love reading blogs and see how people open up thier homes and lives... blogs like yours encourage me to live a simple yet fullfilling life.

  43. I'm new to your blog. I found it a couple of weeks ago and I really enjoy it. My name is Stephanie and my blog address is:

    1) I'm a SAHM. My kids are all in school now and I am going to start working 2 days a week, only when the kids are in school, as a vet tech. It's what my degree is in and what I did before we had kids. I am so blessed to have found a wonderful boss who puts family first. She also has a one year old and her second on the way. I get to do what I love and still be home for the kids.

    2) I always wanted to be a vet, but became a vet tech. I also knew I wanted to be a SAHM. My kids are older now and I'll be back to doing the mom and wife thing I love along with part time vet tech which I also love.

    3) Country..on a farm and with chickens also. :)

    4) asparagus

    5) Optimist

    6) I have so many! My pet peeves are non RSVPers, slow drivers, fake people

    7) Put up an indoor riding arena

    8) Vanilla

    9) Both...I like sun but also shade

    10) Saver

    11) Not at all. I think of my fellow bloggers as friends.

  44. I'm late but can I join the party?

    1) I work FT outside the home

    2) What do you want to be when you grow up (if you're not already doing it)? be a farmer

    3) Do you live in the city, the suburb or the country? in a small town in a rural area that's developing way too fast for me

    4) What's your favorite vegetable? green beans

    5) Are you a pessimist or an optimist? a worrier

    6) What's your biggest pet peeve? blowing noses at the table. Seriously, LEAVE.

    7) What is the first thing you would do if you won $1,000,000 (after fainting, of course)? pay off our debt and buy a farm

    8) Chocolate or vanilla? chocolate of course

    9) Sun or shade? sun

    10) Saver or spender? saver but I prefer to buy quality when I do buy something

    11) Does it freak you out that a semi-total stranger is asking to be your "friend" (my new name for follower)? nah, I love my internet buddies. it makes it FUN.

  45. I'm not an official 'follower' via Google Friend Connect, but you're on my Google Reader list...(which is now up to 241)

    1) What do you do? homemaker + homeschooler

    2) What do you want to be? a grandma - but not for at least 10 oldest is only 8.

    3) Do you live in the city, the suburb or the country? country

    4) What's your favorite vegetable? cucumber. Not high in the nutrition, I know, but it's like eating a glass of cold water...yum

    5) Are you a pessimist or an optimist? pessimist by nature, practicing optimism

    6) What's your biggest pet peeve? Where to begin...but, I'm really working on trying to be an optimist (and not so much of a perfectionist) so I'm going to skip this one...

    7) $1,000,000? 10% to the Church then pay off debts...

    8) Chocolate or vanilla? strawberry. ;)

    9) Sun or shade? sun in winter - shade in summer

    10) Saver or spender? saver - to a fault.

    11) Does it freak you out that a semi-total stranger is asking to be your "friend"? Not really - I hope it doesn't freak you out that so many people have signed up to be your "friend". You have a great blog. Love the recipes and tutorials as I'm trying to learn the ways of country life...

  46. 1) Own, operate, and teach at a karate school

    2) Already doing it.

    3) suburb

    4) Romaine Lettuce

    5) I am definitely an optimist

    6) What's your biggest pet peeve?

    7) Purchase commercial real estate for my karate school

    8) vanilla

    9) shade. I burn very easily

    10) Saver. I am extremely frugal

    11) Not really

  47. I see that I'm a little late, but I have so much fun reading your blog, that I feel like I should introduce myself!
    1. I stay at home during the day with our two little girls and spend a few nights a month at the hospital as a nurse.
    2. a marathon runner ;-)
    4. artichokes
    8. chocolate
    9. right now- SUN!!!
    11. I'm totally not bothered & glad to meet ya!
    Now we know eachother so well! what more could you need to know?!

  48. Feel free to keep answering- I'm reading every single response and am loving getting to know all of you!

  49. My name is Faith and I saw this blog on someone else's facebook page- I usually don't "steal" but I'm glad I found this page!
    1. I work part-time as a Children's Ministry leader at our church and the rest of the time I am a stay at home mom to 3 kiddos ages 3, 5 and 8.
    2. Haven't decided yet!
    3. suburbs
    4. I like them all!!!
    5. both
    6. people leaving food in the sink-there is nothing to me as gross as wet, half eaten food!
    7. tithe, invest then buy my family our dream home with some land!
    8. chocolate

  50. I am originally from Salem, Oregon. I went to elementary, junior high and high school in Salem. My high school was the South Salem Saxons. I grew up in the beautiful Willamette Valley region of Oregon which is quite green and lush with massive forests. I graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.S. in Biology, and later from the Oregon Health Sciences University with a B.S. in Medical Technology. I spent the next sixteen years working at various interesting jobs, all having to do with DNA technology. The job that was the most interesting one for me was genetically engineering tomatoes to delay the ripening process. My job sent me to Palm Springs and Southern Florida to conduct field testing on these crops.

    I moved to San Diego in 1995, the hometown of my wife who I have been married to almost 22 years. Somewhere along the way, we adopted our two daughters from China. Besides incredible paperwork, translations, hoops to jump through, we spent two weeks in China, seeing the Emperor's Palace, the Great Wall and of course meeting our daughters. We did this process twice, once for each of our daughters. It was truly an unforgettable experience and our daughters, ages 5 and 9 are magnificent. As a stay-at-home-dad, I had to deal with being a bit isolated from the "real" world. But at the same time, internet technologies were my saving grace. The internet, forums, blogs gave me a way to virtually connect to the outside world. I have met some of my greatest friends via the web, and embrace the technology everyday as a vital source of comradarie, exploration and connection. When I worked in science, EVERYONE used the MacIntosh platform, but at home I was comfortable with the PC format. So I have become fluent in both technologies.

    As stated earlier, I became a stay-at-home-Dad. I did this for about six years, taking care of the children, the house, and the yard. I soon learned this was the most challenging job I had ever had, but also the most rewarding. As the girls entered school, I started to ponder my next career move. This is when the idea of teaching appealed to me. I would work basically the same hours as the children were in school, and I didn't want to go back to the corporate laboratory setting. I currently am working part-time as a teacher's aide in a special education class at a local elementary school while I pursue my teaching credential part-time, mostly taking evening classes. This part of the mission staement speaks out to me "We are committed to diversity, educational equity, and social justice" That is what I truly feel as well, that no student should be denied an education based on their background, race, culture or disability. Everyone should have the opportunity for learning and to grow and achieve success. As a teacher, I will strive to make sure that this occurs on a daily basis.

    When I am not working, going to school or taking care of my family, you will most likely find me gardening on our 1.5 acre property in Ramona. I am currently growing apples, peaches, nectarines, plums, lemons, limes, pomegranates, tomatoes, onions, chile peppers, lettuce, cherries, berries, hops, almonds, avocados and numerous varities of flowers.

  51. 1) I'm a photographer. Freelance so I can stay home with the kids. I raise chickens and am trying to turn our land into a farm.

    3) Farm country

    4) I don't wanna pick just 1! :(

    5) pessimist

    6) Being lied to.

    7) Pay off the house and cars....and some of my moms bills too!

    8) Chocolate

    9) Sun

    10) Saver....hubby is the spender!

    11) doesn't freak me out at all! I like mew friends!

    Great to meet you!

  52. 1) What do you do with your time? I stay home with my kids and work very, very part-time. Intermittent contract work.

    2) What do you want to be when you grow up (if you're not already doing it)?

    I want to homestead on a farm in the country.

    3) Do you live in the city, the suburb or the country?

    In the city, unfortunately.

    4) What's your favorite vegetable?


    5) Are you a pessimist or an optimist?

    I'd have to say a pessimist.

    6) What's your biggest pet peeve?

    People who say something and then later say "I didn't say that!" when called on it. Say what you mean and stand by what you say.

    7) What is the first thing you would do if you won $1,000,000 (after fainting, of course)?

    Buy a farm.

    8) Chocolate or vanilla?

    Vanilla for cold stuff. Chocolate if it's hot.

    9) Sun or shade?


    10) Saver or spender?


    11) Does it freak you out that a semi-total stranger is asking to be your "friend" (my new name for follower)?

    I take it with a grain of salt, since we're in an era when "friending" someone (ie. Facebook) is totally meaningless. Sorry - I told you I was a pessimist. But if you actually mean it, I'd love to be friends. :D I'm not actually as doomy and gloomy as I appear at first glance.

  53. 1. I'm a homeschooling mamma to 3 precious blessings, all of whom we adopted (a story behind each of them!) They're 16, 13, and 4.
    2. I'm doing what I always dreamed of...a wife, and mamma. I've never had any other aspirations. God answered my prayers, and in Him, I am complete.
    3. We just recently moved to Fruitvale BC, and we live cistled up in the mountains! We have property, so we can raise chickens, and maybe some goats and ...?
    4. Definately zuchinni !
    6. hmmm this was tough...I would have to say 1. when I can't find the 'other' sock in the dryer and 2. people who pick at food while I'm trying to prepare and serve it. (silly I know)
    7. truthfully I have never wished to be rich, because I have seen first hand what money can do to people, even with the best intentions.
    8. I had to laugh at your selection, because honestly I LOVE both. Anything chocolate, and vanilla flavored things...mmmmm
    9. I love the sun, but anyone who knows me, knows I don't love to be too hot, I LOVE snow!!
    10. If I'm being honest, I'm a spender, but I'm learning how to save, and it just feels right.
    11. Not freaked out at all, in fact there's a closeness you feel with someone when you know they are in Christ :)


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