Monday, February 15, 2010

Getting Kicked Back

I have a new friend. I've been reading her blog, Clover Lane, for some time now and this woman always has something to say that makes me think.  She says *I* (of all people) made her think and inspired her to make a change in their household.

This is all fine and good (and I'm thrilled I was able to help) but there is a problem here.  SHE is now kicking my butt.  She's given up sugar.  I know I should give up sugar.  My name is ThyHand (not really) and I AM addicted to sugar.  I want all the things she is writing about- feeling more in control, more energy, more patience and (of course) pants that fit better.

So, here I go.  Oh, man.  I'm shaking in my boots.  No sugar.  Lord, help me.  Pleeeeease help me.


What 'No Sugar' means for me...

no cookies, cakes or pies.

no dipping the knife in the peanut butter and then the jelly and licking it after making sandwiches for the kids.

no baked oatmeal in the morning because it contains brown sugar.

no icing straight from the container or chocolate chips from the bag.

no muffins or zucchini bread.

no dipping my spoon into the Nutella and then the peanut butter.

no ice cream, chocolate, hot chocolate, candy, chocolate, chocolate or chocolate.  Ouch.

none of these above (I don't drink soda anyway) for at least two whole weeks, probably through Lent.

In the meantime, I am going to try to learn how to bake using more natural sweeteners.  But not yet.  For now, it's cold turkey.  I'm taking this bull by the horns and for me, this is a very, very, VERY large bull.

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  1. Clover Lane is one bright gal.
    Excuse me I need to go get more coffee w/sugar & cream... and my box of junior mints.
    have a super day-

  2. Shoot. That half of a chocolate cheesecake that I was going to drop by your house this afternoon? Guess I'll have to eat it.

    (Just kidding. About eating it. And about there being any chocolate cheesecake at all, because there isn't. Though I wish there were.)

    I'm rootin' for you! Ra-Ra-Ra! You can do it! Are you going to tell us your parameters? Goals? Guidelines? We need some idea of what you're doing so WE can keep YOU accountable...

  3. You can do this... I went without sugar for 2 weeks before the marathon and felt better because of it. Only the first few days will be hard. But I wonder... how long you can go? I'm cheering you on... (I'm waving a flag that says "Go Thy Hand")

  4. JJ, Thanks for the support. I updated the post to include my parameters. And the chocolate cheesecake tease? Nasty. That's just nasty:-).

  5. Be prepared for the first three days or so to be difficult. I went without sugar AND caffeine for a week and the first three days were VERY hard. (You may recall...ahem...during my fast...?) CAN do it. And I am proud of you for giving it a go! xo

  6. Cheesecake, Jennifer??? Bring it by, someone might eat it :)

  7. I am so proud of you. Not just because of sugar, but because you are choosing to give up something that is HARD. When it just gets too difficult, call me, and I will eat fresh veggies with you :)

  8. Keep us posted on your journey ~ you just may be an inspiration to the rest of us who know we should join you but are not yet willing to take the plunge! AND...the benefits are amazing...well done for going down this road! I'm cheering you on too! :)


  9. I was thinking about cutting out candy-cake-dessert obvious sugar things for Lent. But no SUGAR? Thanks for raising the bar. ;)

  10. You Go Girl!! You can do it!! I've done this thing and it is very freeing once you get over the initial phase of it. However, I go on a sugar binge every Christmas and it is going to have to stop.(My husband is a pastor and so many lovely people want to bless us with their home baked candy and treats.) I feel so horrible by the time January hits I'm nearly physically sick!!! It takes me another month to recover. I told my husband about a week ago, that next year MUST be different.

    Do your pastor a favor... don't give him sugar!!

  11. I forgot to mention... I use honey and sucanat as a replacement, but only in limited quantities. It's still a sweetener after all.

  12. You are so much braver than I...Prayers are headed your way!

  13. Thy Hand you don't have to give up the baked oatmeal. The recipe is delicious!
    I changed it to add in 9 cups of fruit instead of 2 and got rid of the processed sugar. Apples and a variety of berries work really well : )
    Great blog! I love coming to check it each day

  14. Thanks so very much for ALL of your support- I may need it:-).

    Veronica, thanks for the baked oatmeal advice. Did you really mean *9* cups of fruit? That's a lot of fruit! You've inspired me to try other variations. Thanks!

  15. More power to you! I have never tried to give up ALL sugar, though I have done without the obvious sugars (sweet cereals, pies, cakes, candy, etc) for a while . . . maybe up to a month or so at a time. It really does feel MUCH better on the whole. So why not stick with it??? Hmmmm . . . probably because I am far too fond of all the cookies, cakes, etc. to leave them alone for good, and it is a slippery slope once you start back into having "just a little" of this or that.

    But you can do it! And when it gets hard, just remember - you will feel so much better physically. And then there is the emotional satisfaction of having achieved a difficult goal. I'm rooting for you!! :-)

    Patty R

  16. I, too, am a VERY severe sugar addict. It's my antidepressant of choice. I need to give it up. The times I've tried caused not only the expected headaches, but weepiness and inability to cope with everyday life. I am anxious to see your journey. Maybe I will loin you. But first, I have to REALLY psych myself up!

  17. With all that you grow....have you thought of growing stevia? I use it instead of sugar in my morning coffee and in many dishes, it can be used in your oatmeal bake even!I found that it made my transition to less sugar more reasonable.

  18. Anonymous, Yes! We are planning on growing quite a bit of stevia this year for the first time. We've ordered seeds but hear they can be tricky to germinate. If the seeds don't work, we'll buy plants. We're excited to learn how to bake/sweeten with it. Thanks for the tip:-).

  19. I just started a no sugar diet today. Right now I'm munching on raw cauliflower while my girls just ate fruit snacks. It's gonna be hard, but so worth it! Good luck to you, you can do it!


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