Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Best Bithday Hats Ever

Sam and Sadie both had birthdays in the past month.  We do a pretty good job not going over-board in the gifts department, but we still want their birthdays to be fun and memorable.  Last fall, my friend, Mavis, wrote a post,  How To Make a Party Hat.  She even gave one away.  I thought her hats were so great that I asked her a a HUGE favor...would she pretty pretty pretty pretty please make party hats for my kids' birthdays coming up?  She kindly agreed.

They came in the mail about a month before their birthdays.  It was sooooo hard for me not to show them to Sam and Sadie because...well, just look at them.  They're incredible!  On the morning of each child's birthday, they were presented with their special birthday hat.  You should have seen how big their eyes got (and my kids already have big eyes).  They wore them to eat, to do school, to tease their baby sister (who so very much wanted to chew on those feathers).  They wore them pretty much the whole day.  And the days after.  They are still wearing these hats.

Thank you, again, Mavis.  Not only do you thoroughly entertain me via your blog, you have made my kids' birthdays extra special:-).
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  1. Those are gorgeous!!! Yes, I can certainly see how they would were them forever!

  2. Those are wonderful! And it's a neat idea to let them wear them all day long.

  3. ... Anything for you thyhand :) Maybe next year I'll have to whip up a matching tutu... well for Sadie at least.

  4. Oh I am so jealous!! ;-) How incredibly wonderful that Mavis did that for your kids. She is a fun friend indeed.

    I enjoyed reading your post about the schooling and the job-less situation you have found yourselves in. Amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it! Well done! I am sure your story will be an inspiration and encouragement to many!



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