Thursday, January 7, 2010


Sam attends a homeschool PE class twice a week at a local university. In addition to the two hours a week of exercise and activity there, he has homework to do throughout each month. Click on the image below to enlarge it and to read how this works.

It's freezing outside (literally) and my poor child is incapable of jumping rope 200-300 times- he just learned for heaven's sake- so we've had to improvise a bit and Jamey has been a huge help in this regard.

Every day or so, Sam completes part of his requirement by running continuously for 15 minutes. He does this in the house (we have a circle to mudroom to playroom to living room to front foyer to dining room and back to kitchen again) with the microwave timer set. He has a blast. Do you want to know why he has a blast? Because little sister Sadie and Daddy Jamey run with him.

They hoot and holler, try to pass each other and make Miriam giggle and squeal as they pass by her. Occasionally one of them goes down, but Jamey scoops them up his next time around, makes the hurt better and off they go again.

And, sometimes they get hot. Then the clothes start coming off.

Apparently, Sam's lower legs get especially hot.

If only all homework could be so fun. Pin It


  1. Very comical photos! They certainly do look like they are having a blast. But, really... who set up the 200-300 jumps for a lower elementary student? Now that is REALLY hilarious!

  2. Making pot roast(on my stove top, which I've never done) but stopped to see what all this phys ed is about! Looks like a great plan!
    It's often raining here, or just to unbearably hot outside(10 mos out of the year) to actually exercise normally, soooo, we'll have too look into this. The clothes coming off is a crack up.. very funny.

  3. Oh I firmly believe that "they" sit in a stuffy room and think to "themselves" ~ "How can we torture parents today??" Silly isn't it?? Hang in are doing a great job...and keep the "big picture" in focus!! :)


  4. I love it! These pictures are too funny :) I can just hear the hootin' and hollerin' :)


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