Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Thoughts are Elsewhere

I'm sorry. I cannot hit the "publish" button on the post I was going to put up today. Today I cannot post recipes or garden planning updates or ideas about how we can come up with the money we need to buy Sam's Spanish curriculum for next year.

I am distracted.

I can't seem to get my mind and heart around what has happened in Haiti this week. What stopped me in my tracks was, not just 10 minutes after reading about the earthquake online, hearing Sam and Sadie playing "flood". Here were my two very privileged, safe, well-fed, well-clothed children pretending natural disaster when more than likely, they will never experience one.

This makes me feel guilty. Thankful, but guilty. Why their children and their families? Why not mine? I am no better than them. I didn't do anything to earn the fact I was born where I was and haven't experienced tremendous, family-tearing, physical injury-ridden, potential-to-starve disasters.

So, let's think about and pray for the people of Haiti...the victims, the aid workers, the officials. Let's do this not just today, but everyday for a very long time. If it happened to us, wouldn't we hope they were praying for and thinking of us? Pin It


  1. It really is just so awful. Why do the poorest countries always get hit the worst. It really is almost unbearable to think about.

  2. Yes, disaster and calamity are world shaking to us in the "safe" part of the globe ~ or they ought to be! We live (for the most part) lives so protected from these types of situations that it is scary to think how we would handle things of this nature if they should ever come knocking on our door! We do need to pray and yes, not just today, but every day....thanks for this reminder.

  3. last night, I was teaching the girls highschool class, and I felt compelled to convey that, often I come to worship or Bible study & feel we miss the day's events altogether. it wasn't so last night, but as we sat in class, we called to mind that God is in control, and that our purpose is to glorify Him in all things. I think praying for others, hit so hard in such a devastating way is a perfect way to hand our angst to Him & glorify Him by considering others in their loss and need. Today and in the days ahead. Thanks for taking the time to remind us...
    an aside, I was always critical of the folks I saw just sitting there, doing nothing(on tv) until we began living in a region hit so severely by hurricanes(both Katrina & gustav.) Friends I know,only after moving here, lost everything, found themselves standing in 'soup lines', and were so emotionally devastated, having lost no faith in God, but devasted none the less, trying to figure out what to do and where to go. Choosing to live in a prepared way isn't wrong, having no compassion is. Thanks for being compassionate & thoughtful.

  4. It's still amazing to me how long it actually takes aide to get to people. You just have to hope they can hang on long enough to receive the help when it does arrive. I thinks it's amazing that there are people out there who will hop on a plane at a moments notice and help disaster victims like these. What a blessing those people are.


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