Thursday, December 10, 2009

Down and Out

That's what I'll be on Monday. I'm getting one of my Christmas presents early. A hernia repair. Isn't that right up at the top of your Christmas list? C'mon. You know you want one.

It's a long story, but to pare it down a bit I seem to have a history of two things. Surgeries and babies. This is how my life has gone (all in the past 9 years) ... surgery, baby, surgery, baby, surgery, baby and now... can you guess? Yep, surgery. And no, I'm not joking.

My first two surgeries (before and after having Sam) were to remove ectopic pregnancies. These are two saga-like stories in and of themselves that I plan on writing about soon. The third, two months after Sadie was born, was to repair an umbilical hernia that formed during my pregnancy with her. Then came the lovely, newly toothie, Miriam. And now, another hernia repair. This one two inches above the previous one.

All women have some muscle separation in their abdomens while carrying a child. Those muscles come back together some time after the birth. My muscles prefer to not. This has made me more susceptible to hernias. Lovely.

Surgery is Monday morning. Hopefully I'll be home the same day. Jamey's semester ends this Friday, so he'll be home to care for me and the kids until well after Christmas. I'm not sure what next week will be like. I'll either have way too much time on my hands and will be writing up a storm or I'll be relishing in the stupor that is pain medication and forget this blog exists.

What I do know, is that nursing Miriam will be tricky. So, if you can find it in your hearts, please breathe a little prayer for us. I'm worried my heart will ache more than my incisions. That baby belongs in my arms.

I anticipate separation anxiety on both our parts. Pin It


  1. I'll pray for you...what a history! One thing I learned (and still am learning) is this: God give the grace at the exact moment we need it...not too soon and not to late...His timing is PERFECT! Hold onto HIM and take it step by step. Meditate on Psalm 91 and Psalm 138:8 and REST. What a blessing your hubby will be home for you!

    In His Love,

  2. OUCH! I hope everything goes smoothly and you're back on your feet in no time. Want me to bring you some cookies???

  3. Happy thoughts being sent your way... I hope you have some nice pj's for your bed rest :)

  4. Oh, bless you!!! I hope it is smooth and uneventful in the best of ways. Do take care of yourself so you don't have to go back in again for a failed surgery. That would be worse!! Will pray for you, friend!

  5. Consider yourself prayed for...take good care...xoxoxo

  6. Praying for a healthy & complete recovery, and also for Miriam. That's a stress for a momma. We'll be looking forward to you feeling well, and seeing happy Christmas posts- or New Years... But seeing you back soon & Healthy!
    btw, we didn't make it out to 'craft' with friends, as Jack had a fever,& is sick today. We did read and are coming to the conclusion of Dr. Dolittle. Such a good feeling to see something through. :) I also cut out new Jesse Tree Advent ornaments!

  7. Many prayers, especially for you and Miriam. We'll pray for a good recovery :) Let us know if you need anything...Bec

  8. Awe, it is hard to be away from our babies. Will you be able to lie around with her a little extra once you are home as you heal?

  9. Thanks, everyone for the kind words. I feel the love:-).

    JJ, It is impossible for me to turn down cookies. Impossible.

    Kelly, I hope to let the kids take turns hanging out in bed with- to read books, etc, and that includes Miriam. Jumping on the bed will not be allowed:-).

  10. GEN! HERE I AM! commenting on your blog from SK!!! :) i hope the surgery goes well; i can't imagine having so many. eck. the pictures of snow seem so weird! hope the rest of the family is well...say hi to them for me. :)


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