Monday, December 7, 2009

1000 Gifts Continued

I continue to journal those things I am thankful for. Being thankful has a snowball effect. One thankful thought leads to another which leads to another which leads to yet another. I know I'm thankful. What I am learning through this process, though, is that I have every reason to be more so. I find myself being pulled into this sea of gratefulness, overcome with emotion, realizing how out of touch I really am for all I am entrusted with.

23) For reliable transportation
26) For the means to seek and obtain quality medical care
28) For the desire and motivation to lead a healthy life
33) For Miriam's first tooth
35) For the desire to forgive (which stems from knowing that I, too, am forgiven)
38) For the $5 Bible that fits in my purse
40) For the strength and energy I have every day, even when I've had little sleep
41) For a clear and calm mind
42) For all the ways life is easy right now and
43) for knowing that if and when life gets really hard, Lord, You'll walk along side me

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  1. Giving thanks reminds me that life is beautiful! Ever see that movie? The man must have cultivated thankfulness in his heart to get through such tough times as a war and imprisonment.

  2. Wonderful list! God is good and He shines through in your thankfulness! Such blessings!!

    In Him,

  3. That tree at the top of your blog is BEAUTIFUL...

  4. Amy, I have not seen that movie yet, but I think I need to. Thanks.

    Mavis, That tree is the mimosa tree we see when we look out our play/school room window:-).

  5. I thought I'd clicked on to the 'Narnia' page! Beautiful! You are exactly right, once you start counting, the list goes on and on, creating the spirit He wants in us. Thanks for sharing your list. Amy is exactly right about that movie, and other stories of holocaust victims. To have the attitudes that some people have in the face of adversity. May we thrive in adversity as well as prosperity, and go above and beyond when prosperity and good times are ours to be had. :)


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