Thursday, November 12, 2009

Barn Drive

Last Saturday just before lunch, Jamey said to me, "I was thinking this afternoon we could go for a drive and look at barns." Music to my ears. We love old barns and like to dream and talk of one day, way down the road, building a barn house (aware that God may take us down another road entirely). We loaded up the kids right after lunch and headed out through the nearby mountains on that clear, November day.

Then, after the drive and having barn on the brain, we found this website. I could move right in to that Cola House, yes siree. I wonder if they'd let me. Pin It


  1. Sounds like the perfect afternoon drive...nice photos too! What beautiful countryside...

  2. And the Cola House?! Amazing! I could so live there...I love the sliding doors...

  3. I love looking at old barns. Nothing is old in CA, so everyone builds new. The countryside where you live is lovely!

  4. Yes, those sliding doors! I love it! So many beautiful barns!

    so good to see the beautiful virginia countryside again. :) aaaand i love barns.


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