Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1000 Gifts (1-10)

I am thankful for...

1 Second chance after second chance after second chance. As a parent, I know how frustrating it is when your words are not heeded, not obeyed time and time again. I praise God that my Parent forgives and forgets as I fumble along, trying to obey His Word but failing again and again in the process.

2 Three healthy children especially in the light of the fact there was a time I wasn't sure I'd have any.

3 The group of women I meet weekly with to study God's Word, lift each other up and show our vulnerability- all for the purpose of drawing nearer to God.

4 Seasons of rest from outdoor work and garden bounty.

5 The privilege of teaching my children at home, working out lessons and behaviors (mine and theirs) side by side.

6 A husband who stays planted by my side through the ebbs and flows of almost 12 years of marriage.

7 Baby legs and hands and cheeks and eye lashes and noises and smiles and snuggles and drool and....

8 The dear friend who so generously passes along her children's clothes so that my children lack nothing.

9 Sunlight as it warms a house kept cool to save energy and nickels.

10 Heart, mind, lungs, muscles and countless other body parts that work brilliantly despite not always being cared for properly.

Join me in giving thanks...

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  1. I love this...purposeful thanks...I am planning to join in too!



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