Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Review (and Giveaway!): SpellQuizzer

Do you quiz your child on their spelling words each week? Do you or your spouse sit down and dictate each word to them? SpellQuizzer offers an alternative. SpellQuizzer is a software that quizzes your child on his or her spelling words by using your recorded voice.

I was contacted by creator and owner, Dan Hite, of SpellQuizzer and asked to write a review here. He provided me with a link to SpellQuizzer so I could get acquainted with his website. I took a look and replied that I'd be happy to pass on my thoughts.

It took a matter of about three minutes to download the complimentary (received for conducting this review) software onto our computer and another five minutes to load 11 of Sam's spelling review words as well as record me reading the word and a sentence containing the word. I had watched the demonstration on the SpellQuizzer website before starting. The demo did an excellent job of walking me through the simple process.

Sam didn't want to come try it because he heard it was about spelling. Spelling is his least favorite subject. I coaxed him to the table and it took him 10 minutes to spell the 11 words. It would've taken him less time, but my son has not had typing class yet (oh, sorry..."keyboarding" class). He had to keep searching for the right letters. He misspelled two words and SpellQuizzer showed him the correct spellings and, then at the end, asked him if he wanted to try spelling them again. He clicked "yes" and I almost fell out of my chair.

When he was finished I asked him what he thought about practicing his spelling words that way. He said he liked it and that he was surprised to hear my voice. I thought he'd mention how much he liked the silly sentences I recorded ("Sam said he wanted broccoli on his ice cream"). Evidently, he didn't think they were funny enough to mention even though they did make him giggle.

I asked him if there was anything he'd like them to change about it. He said he'd like them to tell him the two letters in the middle of each word. My boy is a little lazy. That was his only critique.

As for me, I thought it very simple to set everything up and make a spelling list. Sam had no trouble figuring out what to click, etc, to get through the words. On the demo, I heard children cheering if the spelling words were spelled correctly and a scream if they weren't. The cheering was cute, but the scream was a bit too real. I was glad, for whatever reason, Sam didn't hear the scream when he misspelled his words.

One other suggestion would be for SpellQuizzer to incorporate some simple games to help with the learning of the words versus just straight forward quizzing. I thought Sam would mention this (games), but he did not.

Sam did come up to me while I was writing this review and ask if he could do "that spelling thing" again. I find myself half off my chair once again.

For complete information on SpellQuizzer and how you can sign up for a 30-day free trial offer or purchase it for your family's use for $29.95, click here.

The Giveaway!

To enter for a chance to win a free license to use SpellQuizzer for your family (Thank you, Mr. Hite!), leave a comment below. If you like, tell me what word you have trouble spelling. I have trouble with countless words. I should really create a spelling list for myself.

I will draw a name at random at 8 pm this Thursday and announce the winner then. The winner will need to email me (thyhand123@gmail.com) their email address so that SpellQuizzer can send them their free registration information.

You can earn two entries by talking about this giveaway on your blog (as well as including a link to this review) and including the link to your blog in your comment.

Happy Spelling!


This being my first review initiated by someone other than myself, I wanted to let you, the reader, know of some specifics as to how I will handle this review and any others that may follow. First off, I will not write about something that I have not used myself. I will be honest in my review, offering strengths and weaknesses as I see them. I will post my review without anyone's blessing beforehand and I will tell you if I have received the product for free. I will also decline to review a product if I can find no (or very little) merit to using it. Pin It


  1. That does sound interesting...I have some good spellers and some that struggle...I would be curious to learn more! Thanks for posting about it!

  2. The word I struggle with is "thorough" (I think I go it right!) I always have to think about where to put the u and the o and the gh and well, just the whole word is tough for me. Thanks for posting about this!
    I am missing you and your family. We need to get Sam and Jalyn together soon...

  3. Administrator.
    I always seem to bumble the letters around. I'm sure there are plenty of others, but that one popped in my head first!

  4. Every time I go to spell the word "definitely" I have to look up the spelling (as I did just now). This program looks great. I am definitely interested but I do tend to shy away from computer related learning like this because I want my 7 yr old to use a pencil as much as possible. Am I just old fashioned? I would have to come up with a creative and fun way to incorporate penmanship along with using the keyboard.

    Aunt V.

  5. Sounds very cool. If in the future if Sam decides he doesn't like this program, you can always write his words in chocolate pudding :)


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