Monday, September 21, 2009

What September Looks Like

You never knew me to be so quiet, did you?
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  1. I love looking at clotheslines....they make me smile.

  2. I love pictures. Especially beautiful ones. They say so much.

  3. Why is it that cloth diapers look so pretty on a wash line? I used to love hanging them out bc I liked to look at them. Strange.

  4. Your lettuce is amazing! I have never been good at fall letuce. Tell me your secrets.

    Aunt V

  5. I'm not sure if you are a quiet person or not, but this time your pictures speak volumes. I'm so envious of your garden, property, chooks, pantry ... even your clothesline, lol. So envious in fact I must go pray!

  6. Aunt V,
    As far I know, we have no secrets, just a heavily mulched=highly organic-mattered soil.

    Debbie, I am so sorry I may have caused you to stumble. Please forgive me:-).


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