Thursday, September 17, 2009

And So It Slows

The tomatoes are still ripening, but slowly. This means I'm having to save up the ripe ones in the fridge until I have enough for another batch to roast. I only have about half of last year's amount roasted and I had wanted more than that this year.

The red raspberries are still coming. We're still picking almost 2 quarts every other day- eating most and freezing some. The chickens and a groundhog are also enjoying them. I've seen them both jump up and pull down a cane so they can stand on it and eat the berries off.

Our fall lettuce in coming in nicely and we finally have green salads again. Don't forget this one. It's one of our all time favorites.

We are still enjoying our freezer meals (thank you everyone!). While I really enjoy cooking, I am really enjoying pulling wonderful meals from the freezer each morning to thaw. This means the only things I am making right now are baked oatmeal and yogurt. I do cook for company. I don't just feed them baked oatmeal and yogurt. Although, baked oatmeal with yogurt on top is pretty good. Leftovers and sandwiches are our lunch. Before long, though, I'll be taking stock and planning my fall/winter menus.

I haven't brought our chard in to freeze yet because it looks a bit sad. There is still new growing, but what's been there a little while is full of little holes. I should really get out there and cut back the old to allow more room for the new.

Our green bell peppers are straggling in. They are getting chopped up (thanks, Zoe and others, for the tip) and thrown into the freezer.

Jamey is having a hay day with his watermelons. They did really well this year and he has several more in the garden to bring in. He and Sadie polish them off real fast.

Our hens' egg production is slowing down a bit and they are starting to show signs of molt. Lately, the two roosters, other than Marv, have been getting chased out of the chicken yard. The larger one was one of Emma's chicks and the younger, one of Betty's. They are both crosses between a Golden-Laced Wyandotte (Marv) and an Ameracana. They hang out together.

The chicks don't look much like chicks anymore and we really must be moving them out of the tractor soon. The brown ones are meat birds and the others are Silver-Laced Wyandotte hens for laying.

It's a good thing the canning is over for this year. I just don't have the time. It's also a good thing I put up extra last year, anticipating this summer to be busier. It was. It allowed me to put up less. It scares me a bit to think of all that I will have to do next year once my reserves from last year and this year's bounty are gone.

Let's not think about that just yet. Let's just enjoy the slowness. Pin It

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  1. I hope you post pictures and "how to" about trimming the raspberry canes....this is my first year with raspberries and I have no idea what to do with them...and as always the more pictures the better :)


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