Monday, August 24, 2009

A Mental Changing of the Guards

Growing up, we vacationed with family on a lake in Canada. Often, we would choose the least sunny day of the week and venture into the city of Ottawa. Who wants to be stuck inside a small cabin with 7 children? One of the attractions we made a point to see was the changing of the guards at Parliament Hill. The changing of the guards.

That's what I am finding myself needing about now. A mental changing of the guards. For the past month or so, the guards in my head (okay, let's be clear, I know they are not really in there) have been marching. Telling me to can, can, freeze, freeze, dry, dry, hurry, hurry before this spoils, before that rots, busy, busy, don't stop, don't stop, focus, focus, food, food, don't sit down, don't sit down, go, go, go!

Yeah. I need those guys to leave.

In about a week, I need to sit. I need to sit beside my children. I need to sit. I need to read to them. I need to sit beside them and teach them. I need to be patient with them. I need to sit. I need to let the laundry pile up. I need to fight my urge to mess about in the kitchen. I need to sit with them. I need to be with them. I need to ignore the dust. And sit.

This is a tough transition for me each year even though it's one I look forward to. I actually miss my children. You wouldn't think that possible when they are with me all the time, but it's true. I miss the one on one time. Watching eyes light up. Watching them get excited as I read to them, as I praise them for good effort and attitude. Watching them hold pencils, color, paint. Snuggling with them to read history, hanging up their work and seeing accomplishment in their faces. I miss that.

In an effort to keep the current guards at bay, I've decided to do a four day school week this year. Tuesday through Friday, we will have school. Mondays, I will do laundry, scrub toilets, bake and sweep the floor. My hope is that this will act as reinforcements for the new guys. If my house is in some form of order and we all have clean clothes to wear, I should be able to sit, right?

And so, I look forward to this changing of the little men in my head.

I just hope the new crew arrives on time. Pin It


  1. You make me want to get back to our studies! Maybe after the tomatoes...

  2. I think that sounds like a good solution...xoxo

    And thanks for the tip about the fruit of the spirit...I did not know that! And it WILL help me remember them...I have a horrible anything I can do to make it easier is good in my book!

  3. Sounds good to mental changing of the guard is clearly marked on the calender for next week.... change is good.....naps are good too :)

  4. This is a good reminder of what really matters...why we are doing all this...first, for the Lord and because of Him, and second, because we are Mums of little ones for such a terribly short time!! Just discovered your blog from another blog...I suppose that's how we "find" each have blessed me today! :)

  5. Yeah - I need to do the same thing!

  6. Homeschool High School started for us too! My mental changing is adjusting to the reality that both of my sons are now in high school and my homeschool days are winding down. The oldest is a senior and not home much (he's dual enrolled at our community college), so it hardly feels like I'm homeschooling him.

    This is a good season though - I'm determined to not let it slip away. It's easy to look too far ahead to the kids being older, or look back and realize your homeschool journey is almost over and you didn't accomplish all you had planned. Instead I'm choosing, with God's help, to enjoy each day and adjust to this new season. And yes, I too, have to slow down and sit down even with my almost grown young men. We still have much to learn together :-)

  7. Dear Jane ~ I just (out of curiosity) wanted to look back to when we first *met* and I think I found it!! How amazing to think that we have *known* one another for nearly THREE years! I only began blogging in August of 2009, so you were one of the first friends I made through this means. Thank you once again for your kindness to our family on this day. God is Good.

    Much Love,
    Isaiah 26:3-4


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