Thursday, August 27, 2009

August Garden

We've been busy lately and haven't kept up with the weeds all that well. We're letting the straw do most of the work regarding the weeds, but some still poke through.

Sweet potato vines, swiss chard in need of water, carrots, onions, more carrots, tomatoes.

Sweet potato vines, parsley, broccoli, strawberry plants, tin can man made by Sam.

Red raspberries.

That chard in need of water again, red raspberries to the left, watermelon behind the chard, tomatoes in the back.

A watermelon snuggled up beside a bell pepper plant.

Our only surviving zucchini plant (It's died since I drafted this).

A tomato.

Chickens and one side of the back garden- corn that's already been harvested, but the stalks are still up supporting the dry beans.

Close-up of sweet potato vines- aren't they pretty?
Sunflowers we didn't plant in the garden. Apparently the chickens did.

Chickens and the red raspberry bushes.

There you have it. Our garden in August. Can you tell the novelty is wearing off a bit?
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  1. I was wondering if the chickens would "plant" anything for us...they love to eat the seeds out of everything! name it, they love the seeds first!

    I love the tin can cute is that?

  2. It looks just lovely to me.


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