Friday, July 17, 2009

My First Anniversary

One year ago today I started blogging. I was inspired by a very good friend of mine, Mama JJ. Some of you may read her blog. If you don't, you should.

I started out sharing about my days and images of what surrounded me, chronicling our excitement as our first batch of chicks arrived, documenting a trip to Western Maryland and writing down my thoughts about how Jamey and I make a good team.

I have written a lot more since then, although there were seasons when I didn't blog. This past fall, for example, when I was in the throws of morning sickness (morning, noon and night) and again last month when our second baby girl came into this world. I'm realizing I have to be flat on my back (or hanging my head over the toilet) for me not to write....

When I started this blog, I didn't realize how much I would need and enjoy the outlet that writing is for me. I've attempted journals over the years having been inspired and encouraged by my grandmothers. One kept a diary for most of her adult life. The other wished she had. She said she often forgot dates, places, trips, etc. that she now wishes she could remember or at least read about. I never lasted but more than a few weeks at each of my occasional journaling attempts.

A year ago I was worried I wouldn't have enough to write about to make this worthwhile. I would write a couple posts and think, "I have nothing else to write about. This didn't last long." Within a couple days, I'd have 3 or 4 or 5 ideas bopping around in my head and off I'd go again, often writing about our day-to-day life, our projects and our pursuit to grow much of our own food.

This is how I continue, especially these days with a baby thrown into the mix. Writing. Thinking I'm at a loss for what to write next. Being flooded with ideas. Writing again. I've learned to relax into it, to not panic, to look forward to what will come next- both in life and here.

One day, I will read these words in the distant future and encourage my kids to do the same. These will be glimpses of what our lives were like these full, blessed days. Reminders of how lucky and fortunate we were (and are) to have each other and all we've been given.

On this little anniversary of mine, I wanted to say that I'm honored to have you read along with us. You are mulch on my garden (or, if you prefer a food analogy over a gardening one, 'icing on my cake').

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  1. Next time you are in Western Maryland we need to get together!

  2. And it makes us not feel so far away!

  3. You are thoughtful and sweet. I like the gardening analogy...xo

    (ps...totally understand about not posting photos of the kiddos...I don't much either.)


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