Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We just spent the past week visiting family. It was a wonderful time, divided between Jamey's family and mine. Miriam was introduced to family members she had not yet met, the kids played at a science museum, rode on their Grandpa's tractor train, played with cousins, watched for fireflies and deer, were thrown (repeatedly) up into the air, were pushed on swings, ate sweets and felt the love of many.

While all of this would have (clearly) been enough of a reason to travel, our main purpose for venturing out of state for Miriam's first time was to help surprise my sister with a wedding shower. She will be married this September. I've talked about her wedding favors before, but today I want to show you her shower favors.

My dear sister-in-law and her sister made these. They were amazing, both in appearance and flavor. I cannot say enough about these cookies. Take a look.

My sister's husband-to-be is a builder.

My sister was surprised by over 30 friends and family members. There were hugs, visiting, passing of babies, eating and a few shed tears by the overwhelmed and happy bride-to-be. My little sister is getting married.... Pin It


  1. hi gen! those cookies were so good, i can't believe what a great job she did! see you in september!


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