Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blue Gold

This is blue gold. Did you know that this is what they are called? They are when your local blueberry farm is out after two days of pick-your-own and when you can't afford to pay what the ones they've held back to sell at the farmer's market cost.

My dear cousin dropped a quart of these off yesterday when he came to pick up milk jars (he gave us his raw milk share for the week since he was going out of town). Luckily, for everyone involved, while he was away he came upon a blueberry farm that was letting folks pick for FREE since a lot of the bushes were damaged by frost. Yeeehaw.

I love blueberries and when my eyes landed on these beauties my head was swimming with ideas of what to do with them. I've finally decided. The only thing you can do with your first quart of blueberries... pop them into your mouth and enjoy each and every one. Thank you, Conrad. Pin It

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