Thursday, July 9, 2009

Betty, Our Fourth Broody This Year

Our fourth broody hen is named Betty after my grandmother because she enjoys watching our chickens when she comes to our house. We love it when you come, Grandma.

Betty sat on a clutch of about 10 eggs and only two chicks hatched and remained alive. Four other eggs hatched (to varying degrees) but the chicks never made it. This seems to be the trend for us. We get a couple healthy chicks and about four die in the process of hatching. I'm not sure if this is the proper ratio of dead to live chicks or if our hens (or us) are doing something wrong.

Anyway, Betty's chicks are as adorable as chicks come and they are living happily outside in the chicken tractor. More chicks are on the way. We went ahead and placed an order for more Wyandottes (this time silver-laced) in hopes of bolstering egg production so we can supply more friends.

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