Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This Week

Well, friends, I am still here cooking my baby. This Thursday is my due date. My feeling is that this baby is going to come late. I'll just be pleasantly surprised if it doesn't this way.

Jamey keeps picking and bringing in strawberries. He picks every other day. We've found that if we pick less often, we lose some to rot since we only pick the really ripe ones. Those have the best flavor and when you have the luxury of your own patch, why not wait to pick until they are at their peak?

On Sunday, Jamey picked 16 quarts. We've been setting aside large bowls to eat fresh and then crushing and freezing the rest (without sugar). The crushed can be thawed and later made into jam, pies, etc.

We are eating strawberry everything. Here are some strawberry pancakes we made the other night. They are nothing fancy- just whole wheat pancakes with a cooked crushed strawberry sauce made with a little brown sugar and cornstarch to thicken it.

No, you're not seeing double. On the right we have Fanny (I finally named our second-ever broody hen. I named her in honor of what my fanny is about to have to do). Fanny is due to hatch her chicks tomorrow- I was SO hoping I would beat her- I guess there is a slim chance of that, but I doubt it.

On the left is a NEW broody that we just moved over the other day. Whose idea was it to name all these broody hens, anyway? I guess it was mine. We'll see how I'm feeling when her eggs get close to hatching- maybe she'll be named "Sleepy" or something of the sort.

We're still eating lettuce, spinach and asparagus. Sadie is still in love with worms. I must tell you a little Sadie story. The other night, Jamey and I went to small group (occasionally we meet without kids). My brother and his wife babysat Sam and Sadie. When we got home, they told us that Sadie had found worms and had buckled them into the swing, gave them swing rides and sent them rolling and flopping down the sliding board. Such a little momma already.

That's all the news for now, I suppose. Enjoy this beautiful day!! Pin It


  1. Do you ever freeze any quartered strawberries? That's the way I do most of mine and then my husband eats a whole quart of them, still half frozen, straight from the freezer box!

  2. Zoe, Mmmmm. I haven't quartered them before. Do you freeze them with any liquid or just on their own?

  3. Just the liquid that forms when you stir in the sugar. I think I used 1/3 cup per quart last year but they were pretty sweet. Maybe I'll try 1/4 cup this year, or maybe even 3 T.

    Speaking of sweet, I made your Mrs. Davey Funk cake the other day. Boy oh days is that a sweet one! You must have some sweet tooth! I loved the flavor but next time I might halve the sugar as I don't have much of a sweet tooth :)

  4. funny story! I love this part of watching our children learn!

  5. Zoe, sorry the Mrs. Davey Funk Cake and Tishy Fuloo were too sweet for you- I hope you were still able to enjoy them. I think the sugar could easily be cut back in the Tishy Fuloo to cut down on the sweetness:-).

  6. I was certainly still able to enjoy the cake! And I'll be making it again, maybe next week. My strawberries are just now really starting to produce...here comes my aching back!


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