Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tis the Season...for Rhubarb

I have been trying to stay off my feet because if I don't they turn into lead balloons. I did not experience this during my other two pregnancies and am not enjoying it very much. Staying off my feet means staying out of the kitchen. I have not yet found a way to move from counter to cupboard to sink while sitting...with my feet propped up.

I have tried to remain content with the break from the kitchen, but occasionally the urge is just way too strong. I hobble (yes, I really hobble at this point), sometimes with feet already a-throbbing, out to the kitchen to mix up a pan of brownies (because I am craving chocolate like a lunatic) or to saute asparagus ('s asparagus! and it won't be with us forever).

What drove me to bigger lead balloons yesterday was rhubarb. It's here, folks. And, while we have some stunning plants along our fence row, I also knew I had a couple more bags of frozen rhubarb in our freezer from last year. Fresh? Frozen? Fresh? Frozen? Well, choosing fresh would mean me hopping over a chicken fence and becoming much closer than I want to to Marv (who has come after me recently and I am in no shape to kick or run from a charging rooster). Plus, I am more likely to use the frozen rhubarb now than I will later this year when my 2009 rhubarb is stacked beside it. Frozen it was.

While pulling the rhubarb from the freezer, I noticed that I had a couple more bags of frozen sour cherries left. Sour cherries will be coming our way soon, so I was motivated to use a bag of these, too. Thus, a new variation of a recipe (Sour Cherry Crunch) I have shared with you before was born. Instead of 6 cups of just sour cherries or just chopped rhubarb, I used half of each. My, did it turn out nice...with or without plain yogurt drizzled on top.

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  1. Mom made a rhubarb-sour cherry pandowdy this past weekend and it was delicious---a great combination.

  2. I bought some rhubarb on clearance at Lowe's for 50 cents for the pack! I have yet to plant it I don't want to plant anything permantent here. Isn't rhubarb permanent? Like a perennial?

  3. Michelle,
    Yes, rhubarb comes back year after year. It grows bigger each year, producing more and more edible stems. You could go ahead and plant one or two now and them take them/parts of them with you when you move. They divide and transplant easily (in our experience). Ours came from Jamey's great aunt.


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