Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One Would Think I Don't Feed Them


Brown sugar.


Crust off a quiche.

These are just a few of the things my children have been sneaking from the kitchen (to eat) in the past few days...without my knowledge (until later) or permission. Do you think I should start feeding them lunch?

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  1. Mine snitched an apple yesterday (she's only 20 months old) and then didn't eat supper. Guess I shouldn't complain since it was at least healthy. Sprinkles and brown sugar? How do they get hold of those? That's hilarious though!

  2. Just today I found The Baby Nickel hiding out behind the sofa, stuffing his face with candy as fast as he possibly could, pastel drool dripping off his chin.

  3. Thanks, ladies. I feel a bit better. Zoe, Sam's 6, so he climbs up onto the counters and, evidently, goes rummaging through the cupboards. Who would have thought I might need to lock up my baking supplies?

  4. You know that Jodi and I have been wondering for a while if you DO feed Sadie...more information to pass on when we call social services!!! (kidding, of course)
    This is not food related, but once Jalyn and Caroline snuck lotion and put it all over their bodies, the floor, and the nearby futon. When I asked Jalyn later why she did it when she knew it was wrong she said "My head told me it was wrong but my feet just took me there!"
    We are missing you guys!


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