Monday, May 4, 2009

Loose Ends

The other week I asked for smelly-diaper advice. Thank you all so much for your tips. Since starting the dry bucket method, I had only seven diapers in the pail. Yep, my little Sadie kept her cloth diaper dry for three nights in a row, so we switched over to panties and except for one accident, she's doing great. I am going to have about one month of no diapers to change- whoohoo!!

I washed those seven soiled diapers and here is how it went down. I used the dry pail method, only sprinkling baking soda between the soiled diapers. They sat in the bucket for about a week. I washed them in cold water with less than a tablespoon of detergent and added vinegar to the rinse cycle. I ran the rinse cycle a second time (this time only with water) and hung them to dry on drying racks inside (it's been rainy here). In the past, hanging them inside would have meant that the whole downstairs would have smelled like pee. Not this time!! They have a touch of odor, but nothing like before. It seems that the dry pail method worked. I didn't want to change too many factors at once for fear I wouldn't know what worked (if anything did). I'm saving all your tips for once this new baby comes. Who knows how the amount of diapers and the content will change my results. Thank you, again!!

I haven't said much about Emma and her chicks lately, but they are doing great and growing so very big. They don't much look like chicks anymore. Here are a couple photos for you.

The kids have been cracking me up lately. Maybe it's because I'm spending a different kind of time with them nowadays. Instead of keeping busy with chores, I try to keep my feet up. This leads to a lot of reading and snuggling and talking. They are getting big doses of mommy time before this new one arrives. I hope they don't go into some sort of withdraw....

Anyway, the other day at lunch, Sadie asked for "four minutes more beets". I wasn't quite sure how to interpret that, but it struck me as very funny. She is also saying things like, "Somethin' smells fuzzy." Also, not sure what that means. Sam, after we said grace before lunch the other day, said, "Whew. I almost fell asleep. You're voice is so beautiful." Yes, he was talking to me. I don't know where in the world that one came from.

Sadie's activity of choice outside is digging up, holding and talking to worms. She even tells them that she loves them.

Our strawberries are covered in blossoms and baby berries which means lots are on the way. I hope this baby isn't allergic to strawberry milk.

That's all for now, but who knows...I might be back. I'm a bit flitty these days. Oh, and these are for you....

Lilacs and Snow Balls
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  1. Oh my goodness...the things your children have been saying brought tears to my sweet. If I can tell you anything at would be to WRITE THEM DOWN IN THE BABY BOOK. I always thought I'd remember those things...but I've forgotten so many of them. Write them down...even on slips of paper...and tuck them away. Those little sayings are priceless...

    And thank you for the flowers...snowballs and lilacs are two of my most favorite flowers ever.

  2. Love, love, LOVE the kids' comments!


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